Say Something — Thank y’all so for playing with me

September 29, 2014

Y’all rock my world. I’m in the middle of chaos (moving sucks), but y’all came to enjoy Mike and Jenson and I appreciate it so.

Please come visit with me on facebook or twitter. I love to visit and play. :D

Now, wish Julia and me luck tomorrow. We sign papers on our first house together in the morning!


Much love, y’all.


September 29, 2014

Say Something started, as so many of my books do, with a song. I wasn’t looking for these boys at all.

I was taking a break after Sage and Win from the Terms of Release, thinking about writing something light and cheery.

Better as a Memory by Kenny Chesney came on and I damn near died.

Mike came to me in a rush, fully formed and then he handed me Jenson.

Now, I’ve been accused of having too much happen in my books, but I can assure you, life happens. For instance, in the first week of April this year my brother broke his neck, I was in a tornado which blew down the big barns, I flew to Texas, I went to court, and my niece was in a car accident.

In 2013-2014? 2 deaths in the family, 2 major hospitalizations for family, sold 3 houses, bought a house, moved twice, Julia broke her foot, got engaged, got married, 3 cons…

Is my family the only ones that lives a life of…adventure like the Say Something boys?

Much love, y’all.


Say Something: About Jenson

September 29, 2014

Oh, y’all, I have been on the phone all morning with utility people and realtors. We’re signing on our new house tomorrow and, good lord and butter, what a nightmare. A joy, yes, but a time suck. O.o

So, let me tell you about my baby Jen. I just want to snuggle him, you know. He took every single thing life threw at him and took it and came out the other side a stronger man. He’s a cowboy, balls to bones.and he loves Mike with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.

If only he knew what to say.

*tears up*

Much love, y’all.


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Say Something: About Mike

September 29, 2014

One of the hardest things about telling folks about this book is that everything’s a spoiler. I’m serious, y’all. I keep talking about Say Something and doing interviews and they say, “Tell us your favorite scene?” And I answer, “I can’t.”

I finally gave up and started telling folks to email me after they read it and we’d talk. My wife says we need a Say Something group, just for discussion. :D

I’m going to try and tell y’all a little about Mike, who is Austin. ;-)

You see, Mike’s an actor with a stage name and one of the things about him is that, once he makes a name for himself, he’s Austin. For everyone.

The only people who don’t are the most important people in his life: his momma and Jenson.

This makes me laugh, because my wife’s pseudonym is Julia and the other day, at church, someone was talking about our minister, Julia, and I got confused because, while I never look at her and think “Julia”, I talk about her as Julia a lot. ;-)

Am I rambling? I think I’m rambling.

At any rate, Mike, who is not Austin in my heart or in Jen’s, is waiting for y’all and I’ll introduce Jenson after I have a wee nap. I’m too pooped to pop.

You can find Mike’s story at

Much love, y’all!




Say Something Release Party!

September 29, 2014


Howdy, y’all!

It’s BA Tortuga, the resident redneck, come to share another new book with all y’all! I’m so excited I didn’t sleep last night from wanting to share Mike and Jen with folks.

I swear, I’m running on nerves and caffeine. You’d think after 150+ books I wouldn’t get my panties all twisted, but, y’all, these boys…

Oh, they’re special.

Okay, yes. I know. Writers say that all the time.

Oh, these ones are special and those ones are special and I love this couple and that one and… Well, it’s true. We do.

But these boys ripped me up and made me sob.

Mike is a good man, you know. Like a genuinely good man. And Jenson? Life’s not been kind to him (and, let’s be honest, neither was I). This wasn’t an easy book to write and it’s not an easy book to read, but it’s one of those books I will hold in my heart forever. ;-)

I’m looking so forward to playing today (and possibly sneaking in a nap, because, whoa).

Say Something can be found here:

Much love, y’all!


New Releases: September 26th, 2014

September 26, 2014

Hidden Gem by Lissa Kasey


Shane needs Aki’s psi ability to track down a serial killer, but it becomes clear they are linked through a darker past than they realize.

Misaki “Aki” Itou is a psi—a person with mutated DNA granting him psychic abilities. He’s also a contracted companion—a whore. It may not be the perfect profession, but having a roof over his head, food to eat, and not being subjected to torture is a dream come true. He is the top companion at the Hidden Gem, and it makes him enough money to buy the prettiest, most sparkly shoes he can find.


Shane McNaughton is an Irishman who survived the Third World War and works as a cop. Head of Missing Persons, he’s good at finding people, but after the plague of the Third mutated his DNA, he has a hard time letting anyone see the monster inside. He’s been paying for Aki’s services for two years, both the psi and the sexual kind, but he wants more from the companion.


Shane needs Aki’s ability to see into another person’s past to track down a serial killer murdering the children of rich and powerful men, but the more they work together, the clearer it becomes that they are linked through a darker past than either of them realizes.


Length: Novel (246p.) | Genre: Werewolves/Shapeshifters, BDSM, Other Paranormal

Release Date: September 26, 2014

Buy as eBook ($6.99 ISBN: 978-1-63216-199-4) | Buy as Paperback ($14.99 ISBN: 978-1-63216-198-7)







King of Snowflakes by Michele Fogal


When Ryan invites him on a family ski trip, Skyler doesn’t count on Ryan’s warmth and affection or expect Ryan to have secrets of his own.

A West Coast Boys Novel


Grade twelve is flying by like a pride parade of gay freedom and love until Skyler finds his gorgeous downtown boyfriend cheating on him over Christmas break. The breakup leaves him raw and not up to ignoring the usual gay taunts from soccer star Ryan and his teammates.


When Skyler loses it, he’s surprised to find a straight jock like Ryan knows what it’s like to have your heart broken and what it’s like not to belong. Behind his cocky smile, Ryan is feeling hopeless about his grades, his chances of getting into university, and his lack of real friends.


When Ryan invites him on a family ski trip, Skyler thinks escaping the city will let him lick his very private wounds in peace. He doesn’t count on Ryan’s warmth and affection amid the grandiose snow-covered mountains with their wonderland white trees, or the magical way Ryan’s silky hair fills with perfect six-point snowflakes. He certainly doesn’t expect Ryan to have secrets of his own that could burn them both–or lead to Skyler’s first truly loving relationship.


Length: Novel (200p.) | Genre: Contemporary, New Adult  | Release Date: September 26, 2014

Buy as eBook ($6.99 ISBN: 978-1-62798-960-2) | Buy as Paperback ($14.99 ISBN: 978-1-62798-959-6)







Patchwork Heaven by Jaime Samms


Singer Coby hires Gregor’s security firm for protection from crazed fans. As a stalker gets closer, Gregor’s not sure he can keep Coby safe.

Singer Coby Kennedy and his drummer twin, Bruce, have a band called Patchwork Heaven. They have been rising steadily up the country music charts, but unfortunately, that rise has attracted unwanted attention. Faced with anonymous letters, sinister gifts, and the wanton destruction of their personal space, they hire The Detail, a specialized security firm. Coby never anticipated Gregor, The Detail’s owner and his personal guard, would be quite so intriguing.


As the stalker gets closer and more violent and questions pile up, Gregor fears his past might get in the way of him finding who is threatening his client when he becomes suspect number one. Even though Coby is convinced Gregor is not behind the threat, Gregor is not sure he’s the right man to keep Coby safe, either from the stalker, or from his own interest in the singer.


Length: Novel (344p.) | Genre: BDSM, Mystery/Suspense | Release Date: September 26, 2014

Buy as eBook ($6.99 ISBN: 978-1-63216-407-0) | Buy as Paperback ($17.99 ISBN: 978-1-63216-406-3)






Beneath the Stain – Part Five by Amy Lane


When news arrives that affects the entire band, Mackey can either go home and face his demons or let them haunt them forever.

Part Five of Beneath the Stain


Mackey is great at taking a leap of faith into a crowd—but taking one into a relationship and a future is a totally different animal. When he and Trav decide to take a risk that Mackey’s healing can hold up to them together, they know it’s going to be a long, difficult road. Mackey proves he can handle the stress of performing on his own, but when it comes to the demons that broke him in the first place, that’s a whole other song.


The first time Mackey tries to go home, it sends him into a palm-sweating, stomach-heaving anxiety attack, and Trav has to concede that Mackey is still on loan from the things that almost wrecked him when he was still a kid. When news arrives that affects the entire band, Mackey can either go home and face his demons or let them haunt them forever.



Five Way to Buy


1. Serial Package

• Automatically get each part with special content on your bookshelf as it is released and the digital novel upon release. Serial runs 8/29/14-10/10/14. Novel releases 10/17/14.

• $12.99. This option only available through


2. Serial Deluxe Package

• Automatically get each part with special content on your bookshelf as it is released and the digital novel upon release. Serial runs 8/29/14-10/10/14. Novel releases 10/17/14.

• Also received a signed paperback mailed to you upon novel release.

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3. Serial Only (7 parts)

• Buy individual parts with special content weekly for $1.99. Serial runs 8/29/14-10/10/14.


4. & 5. Novel

• Purchase the complete novel in eBook or paperback, no special content included. Novel releases 10/17/14.

• eBook $6.99, paperback $17.99

• Upon complete novel release, the serial will no longer be available.


Length: Serial (95p.) | Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance | Release Date: September 26, 2014

Buy as eBook ($1.99 ISBN: 978-1-63216-515-2)

Release Party ~ Hidden Gem ~ All that Glitters

September 26, 2014

Shoes—Ask anyone to describe Aki with one word and they will say “Shoes.” He loves the superficial glitter and glam of his companion lifestyle. Pretty hair pins and sparkly shoes help him forget some the terrible past. He pretends that was all a movie he saw once and he really didn’t live it.




Candy disappeared into the closet for a minute, coming back out with the jumper. “I’m thinking a lace jock. Should I go white for pure fuck-me madness or pink for sugary sweet?”


Candy dug the jock out of his drawer and slipped it on, adjusting everything like the pro he was.

“You really do have more underwear than anyone I know.”

“One word, Aki—Shoes.” Heat filled Aki’s face. Yeah, they were even.


He collects shoes like some people collect knickknacks. The more sparkly the better. Do you have a pair of dream shoes? Pictures please.




HiddenGemLGHidden Gem:

Lissa Kasey:


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Release Party ~ Hidden Gem ~ Boundaries

September 26, 2014


This book was a step outside several comfort zones for me. First it’s in third person, which I find very challenging because I really want to delve deeply into each characters head but find a lot of characters in one story confusing. I actually began writing Hidden Gem as first person but later changed it because I wanted to show Shane’s point of view as well as Aki’s since Aki is a very unreliable narrator.

The second challenge was the D/s portion of the book. I chatted a long time with several people in the life and perfected as much as I could before taking those things back to them to ask if I was close. Any mistakes I made in this is purely my incompetence not theirs. This is in no way meant to be a BDSM book. However Aki needs structure in his life, someone to take care of him and keep his feet on the ground. J

Paris trains all the companions and believes structure is necessary to their safety and happiness. He is also faced with the task of disciplining those who break the rules. Including the Hidden Gem’s number one companion:

The guards led him inside and up the stairs to Paris’s immaculate suite. They left him standing in the doorway and disappeared back down the stairs. No reason for them to stay. Aki wouldn’t be in this room long. Not if Paris truly meant to punish him. The dungeon was down two floors and tucked away where no one would stumble across it by accident.

Paris sat on the white leather couch, feet up, facing away from the door. The lights cast a reflection of Aki in the window as the sun was beginning to set. He glanced over his outfit again. Would Paris approve? He probably should have worn something easy to strip out of instead of dressing to impress.

“You’re early.”

Aki frowned and lowered his eyes. “I’m sorry. I can wait downstairs until you’re ready.”

“I’m not the one who needs to be ready, Misaki. I’ve been hearing a lot of not-good things about your exploits of late. Care to give me your version?” Paris rose from his seat and crossed the room to stand in front of Aki.

“I stayed out one night. I got lost. Didn’t have my phone—”

“Sounds a lot like excuses to me,” Paris interrupted. He reached out and traced Aki’s face with his fingertips. Aki closed his eyes as the feeling of a gentle rain caressed his mind. “You dressed nice.”

Aki didn’t reply.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you, Master.”

“You haven’t earned the right to call me that.”

“Sir, sorry, Sir.”

“What are your safewords?” Paris asked, probably more to remind Aki he had the option than because he didn’t know them.

“Red and yellow, Sir.”

“Hard stop and pause. I know your limits, Misaki. Do you?” Paris ran his hands across the shoulder of the sweater. “I see this couture has become your armor. That is well and fine for work, but not here. Strip and present.”

Aki moved without even contemplating the order, removing his shoes, his top, his skirt, and finally the delicate underwear he’d chosen. He folded everything in a neat pile and left them on the floor beside his feet, his phone on top of the stack. He stood shoulders straight, head down, hands gripping his elbows behind his back. The numerous windows open to the world had a flush heating his skin. Anyone could see him. Sure, they were on the second floor, but Paris had guards everywhere. Anyone could be watching him. Even the South. The nasty thought whispered through his mind as he remembered the chip that was supposedly embedded in his back.

“You’re shivering. Are you cold?” Paris asked.


“No, what?”

“No, Sir.”

“Hmm.” Paris walked around him, examining him as he had that first day. Aki had been so scrawny then and covered in scars they thought they could never get rid of. His skin had been stretched tight across his bones from starvation, making him little more than a skeleton masquerading as a person. “You’re afraid? You are afraid. Yet unapologetic.”

“I’m sorry, Sir,” Aki said quickly. His heart hammered in his chest. He’d been through this a hundred times, knew the drill, the rules. Paris couldn’t really hurt him unless Aki let him. Why was he so afraid? Memories of the camp and the torture kept filling his mind, but that was all before….

“What are you sorry for?”

“For staying out.”

“Try again.”

“I’m not sorry for seeing McNaughton.”

“Hmm.” Paris disappeared for a moment only to return with a blindfold. Aki didn’t try to stop him from tying it in place. No light filtered through the cloth at all, and for a moment Aki was disoriented.


The book has very mild D/s. It is more about Aki’s mindset and how he has chosen to survive all that has been done to him.

We all like to stay in our comfort zones. What have you done lately to push your boundaries and open up your world? How did it turn out? Best answer wins an ecopy of anything from my backlist. Winner announced at 7pm CST


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