Threefold Love-Thank You!

April 18, 2015

Thank you very much for joining me today and on through this evening! I had a great time with everyone, and I’m looking forward to doing this again in October when The Shape of Honey is released.

The winners of the signed copies are Angela and Susan.

Please e-mail me to give me your info to send out the books. My e-mail address is Thanks again for a great release party!







Threefold Love-Shakespeare

April 18, 2015

For the old school die hards out there, you will perhaps notice a quote from A Midsummer’s Night Dream in Threefold Love. Bonus points for anyone who can tell me what it is in the comments! You will get an extra chance in the signed book raffle (which draws to a close at 9:30 p.m. tonight). I chose to put the quote in because I’m a Shakespeare hound, but also because I don’t think there is anything more synonymous with love than Shakespeare’s work. A Midsummer Night’s Dream with its endless confusion because of magic and chicanery also appealed to me as something that would be a nice addition to my own work, plus, Andrew’s a high school English teacher. Of course he has a hard on for Shakespeare. I also talk about Romeo and Juliet, something I did not quote because my book is not a tragedy, and also because it’s sooo over used. Lovely, but overused. The other piece of classic love literature I talked about was The Symposium. The Symposium was one of my first literary classic loves, and if you haven’t read it, it’s about a party where a bunch of people get drunk and talk about LOVE. Because that’s what people used to do for fun. Hell, that’s what I still like to do for fun.





Threefold Love-The Shape of Honey

April 18, 2015

I’m going to start the production process on The Shape of Honey with Dreamspinner Press soon. It’s a shifter book about werewolves, maybe my favorite paranormal subject of all time. Yulian Volkov kind of hates everyone, mostly, except that he doesn’t, not really. He loathes the way other werewolves behave here in the United States, so different from what he grew up with in Europe. Not that werewolves weren’t violent there, and there weren’t territory wars, but it’s nothing compared to the shear brutality of the packs here. To get away from it all he moved out into the country away from the seat of pack power in his territory, taking over his Grandmother’s land, turning it into a top notch Meadery. He still has to attend pack meetings occasionally, however, and here and there’s he’s caught glimpses of Rolly Witten, and he likes what he’s seen.

Rolly is young, and unlike the older members of the pack and most of his agemates he’s done with being a wolf. As far as he can tell it’s a never ending pain in the ass—pack meetings, animal instincts, and being beholden to the moon? No thanks. He likes shopping in a grocery store and he’s seen animal planet. He’s definitely not “Werewolves, Yay!” like the rest of the pack seems to be. And it doesn’t help matters that the only profession he’s ever aspired to has been honing his breaking and entering skills with his best friend Violet. She’d actually picked the profession for both of them because wherever she goes Rolly follows. They’ve always been best friends, and she knows all of his secrets, even the one he’s worried will get him kicked out of the pack. As it turns out, it’s getting arrested that finally gets him ripped away from the safety of the pack, leaving him to the dangers of fighting into another pack because Rolly knows trying to mate in will be a disaster of apocalyptic proportions.

Except fighting in is kind of synonymous with suicide.

Or will Yulian be able to convince Dean, the pack leader, there is something more useful that can be done with Rolly? Something that will keep him safe and keep him out of trouble?

I’m excited to start working on The Shape of Honey with Dreamspinner Press because I had such a wonderful time getting Threefold Love ready for public consumption with them. <3





A Shot of J&B Party: Prizes, Thanks, and Adieu

March 21, 2015

We have winners! For Contest 2, the prize being an e-book of A Shot of J&B:
(Envelope please…)


For Contest two, that very same e-book and a $15 gift certificate for Dreamspinner Press:
(Oh, look, I already have the envelope…)



And now I must bow out, and close the party doors. Thank you all for being here. I’m sure we’ll meet up soon, but until then, farewell!

butterflies thank you

Two Important Characters in A Shot of J&B: Soldier and Marley (And Contest 2)

March 21, 2015

Heeeere they are!

This is Brian’s cat, Marley. Although I’m pretty sure he thinks of Brian as his servant. Why is this cat important? Why is any cat important? Yes, that’s right. Marley is important because he’s a cat. No more need be said.

MarleyOrange Cat

Now this dog’s name is Soldier. He’s a white shepherd, and trained as an aid dog! He’s smart and strong and pretty cool all around. I can’t tell you why he’s important. I can only say, when you first read about Soldier, don’t throw your reader against the wall and curse me! Give it some more chapters, okay?


Now Here is Contest 2:—I have it in my mind that in the next book, Soldier will befriend a cute, very teensy dog of some sort. What kind and color should it be, and what should it’s name be?

Oh, I’m sorry. My assistant, Boudreau, has threatened to quit and virtually shred my files if I don’t also post a picture of him. Here he is.

Dang. Now the other two cats are complaining. Here you go…

Shibari in A Shot of J&B: About rope, knots, and history (Oh, and a contest question!)

March 21, 2015

multcolored ropes wither and dyejpgHi again, I let the cats out, got waylaid (not laid) and here I am as promised. This post title is accurate, but this is mostly pictures, except for a tiny excerpt for the contest question. :)

There’s some pretty pics of Shibari which also has other names.
These next pictures are of some individual knots.

Here is one more lovely image, showing the use of pretty rosettes.

shibaari, not nude red rosetttes ca4df411a8f7f6cc05af823e29f48ac3

Now Contest One continues:—What color (or colors should Brian use to make beautiful Shibari with Jackie?

The traditional post: Cover, Blurb, a bit of info. Oh, and Contest 1!

March 21, 2015

A Shot of J&B cover

That is a Reese Dante cover, and I think it’s a masterpiece!
The cover is the buy link! It’ll take you straight to the store. The book’s also available on Amazon and ARe, among others. :)


Six years ago, Brian Harrison helped save the life of Jackie Vasquez, and he’s never really forgotten him. After the rescue, Brian ended his employment with Jackie’s uncle Luki and left the US for England, aiming to distance himself from the confused feelings—not lust, but not brotherly—that then sixteen-year-old Jackie engendered. Now Jackie has become a man, and when they meet again by chance, lust with a dose of D/s rope kink is definitely on the list of possibilities. As they get to know each other, though, lust shows every sign of growing into love, deep and true.

When Jackie moves to London for graduate studies in criminal psychology, he and Brian hope they’ll be able to enjoy each other’s frequent company. But they haven’t factored in the claim Brian’s police job with Scotland Yard will make on his time, especially when the “Gaslighter crimes” sap investigative resources. An abandoned aide dog named Soldier leads to a breakthrough clue, and a chain of discoveries fall like dominoes. As Brian rushes to beat the criminal’s game before it escalates to true terror, he comes to an undeniable conclusion: Jackie Vasquez, the man he loves, is in mortal danger.

As you may have heard (or read) This is the first book in a new series set in the “universe” I created for the Vasquez and James series. The series title is Vasquez Security: The Next Generation The series title should start making more sense if you read through to the end of A Shot of J&B. But in the next book, working title A Cup of Kindness, all will become clear. Oh well, you can know now. Brian will be working for Luki’s company again, manning his small Los Angeles branch, while Jackie finishes grad school at UCLA.

Now, Contest 1 Here’s Question 1—check out an LA County (California) map, and tell me, where do you think the guys should live? There is no right answer, so take the plunge!

Welcome to Lou Sylvre’s *A Shot of J&B* release party!

March 21, 2015

Hi! I’m Lou Sylvre author of the Vasquez & James series, and now a new series is beginning in that universe. A Shot of J&B was released by Dreamspinner on March 16, but weekends are better for parties, right? So come as you are, bring friends, and make yourself at home.

A few businessy kinds of things–that will let you enjoy the party more. If you want to comment on a post or see the coments on a post, you need to click on the post title. From there, it should be easy. Also, I’m open for questions of any sort related to anything I bring up, me, writing or my books at any time. Feel free to tag a question on to any post. I’ll do my best to answer all. About prizes I’ll have two. The grand prize contest will begin with the next post, but it has three parts. Question 1 with the next post, the other two later, so stick around, because the prize offered is An ebook of A Shot of J&B and a $15 gift certificate for Dreamspinner Press! The second contest will be easier and the winner gets the ebook.

So, are we ready? (Everybody say yeeeeaaah!) Let’s do it.

rainbow party sign 1ebff650-20ea-4ffd-9393-18869c05bb9d

Win a “Step into Brad’s World” T-Shirt

March 16, 2015



I have great fans. They make me feel appreciated and encourage me to keep writing. I also have a few superfans.

My first superfan was Betty. She contacted me shortly after The Nothingness of Ben came out. For whatever reason, she gets what I’m trying to do as a writer. She’s invested in my success. She goes out of her way to recommend my work. She had bookmarks made, at her own expense, so she could pass them out at a convention. She has tattoos inspired by my books.

IMG_1234  IMG_1233

Then last summer, Betty started bugging me about a T-shirt, and frankly, at first, I thought it sounded like a nightmare. What would the shirt look like? Who would design it? Would I have to carry inventory and deal with shipping?

But Betty was persistent. She told me about a website called Cafe Press. I could set up a shop and upload my design, and they would deal with making and shipping the T-shirts. Since I had recently discovered 99 Designs, I suggested we run a contest there. She set the whole thing up and I fell  in love with the winning design.

Thanks, Betty, for pushing me to do this. It’s really cool to have my own T-shirt.



Comment on this post for a chance to win a free “Step into Brad’s World” T-shirt. The winner will be required to contact me via email and provide a shipping address. You must visit my Cafe Press store and choose a style, size, and color. You will not have to sign up for anything or give anyone your credit card number. I will have the T-shirt shipped directly to you. Men’s and women’s styles are available in both crew and V neck.



mens_tshirt (1)


And don’t forget to pick up a copy of YES!

YES 3d ebook promo white transparent




YES – Excerpt and Giveaway

March 16, 2015


On a flight home to Austin after his 40th birthday, Ian Parker wakes up from a nap to discover, in the airplane bathroom, that he is two decades younger. He returns to his seat and his best friend Mark.


IAN DRIED HIS hands and took a deep breath. He opened the door and practically knocked over the young woman waiting in line. He apologized and hurried past her down the aisle. He took his seat next to Mark, shook him, and lifted his sleep mask.

“Wake up,” Ian said. “I’m having a really bad trip.”

Mark opened his eyes and recoiled. “What the—? Who in the hell are you?”

“What are you talking about?”

Mark shook off his nap and looked around. “You must have overshot your row or something. Someone else is sitting there. What’s your seat number? Do you have your boarding pass?”

“It’s me. Ian.”

“Ian?” Mark glanced up and down the aisle. “Okay. If you say so. There’s no point in getting into an argument about it.” With a look of subdued terror on his face, Mark reached up and pushed the flight attendant button.

“What are you doing?” Ian said. “Don’t you recognize me? I thought I was hallucinating. Tell me I’m hallucinating.”

Mark removed the pillow from around his neck and swiped off his mask. “Let’s let the flight attendant handle this, okay? I don’t want any trouble. Please, whatever you’re doing, you don’t have to go through with it. Think about prison at your age. Have you ever seen Turned Out? Or Oz? Sure, I know it looks hot when it’s Chris Meloni, but this isn’t fiction, young man. You’re on a real plane, and I’m a real person. These things have consequences, and there’s no point in ruining your life before it’s even begun. I’m sure your cause—whatever it is, religious or otherwise—I’m sure it’s a worthy one. Have you been wronged by the American political system? Well, take a number and get in line.”

“Mark, it’s me. Can’t…? Look, I’m wearing Ian’s clothes.”

“And that’s supposed to convince me? You’re wearing jeans and a plain white T-shirt. If they belong to Ian, then what have you done with him? What’s your angle here, kid? Why do you insist on pretending you’re Ian Parker?”

“I’m not pretending.”

“Then prove it,” Mark said.

“I can… I can tell you things I know about you, like your favorite TV show is RuPaul’s Drag Race. You’re obsessed with Robbie Rogers, which I totally don’t get. And you have a dog named Kitty.”

“Practically anyone who follows me on Instagram could know those things. Have you been stalking me? Does this involve sexual blackmail? Because let me tell you right now, I—”

“We met at Jester Hall twenty-two years ago. You live on West Thirty-Ninth Street between Avenue B and Avenue C. You used to have a boyfriend named Troy, but I called him Sparky for no other reason than I thought it suited him better than Troy.”

Marked paused, and it looked like maybe Ian had convinced him. But then Mark shook his head and said, “Still not conclusive. Are you Al-Qaeda? Or maybe NSA? It’s so hard to tell the difference these days. What have you done with my friend? Did you lock him in the bathroom? Is that what you did? Because if you’ve hurt him in any way, I swear I’ll—”

“I am your friend. Why can’t you look at me and see that?” Ian glanced down the aisle and saw a female flight attendant heading their way. He had to think of something fast. He turned to Mark and whispered, “Okay. I didn’t want to go there, but could practically anyone else know you have a thing for twincest porn? Maybe Elijah and Milo Peters? Or the two brothers from Brazil?”

Mark’s jaw dropped.

“I thought that would do the trick.”


Leave a comment for a chance to win a free eBook of YES. I will pick a winner at 5:00 pm EDT.

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