My Hockey Dream Team

April 22, 2014

Closing Time…One last call for alcohol so finish your whiskey or beer… Closing time…

What a day! Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by, whether you commented or not. I hope everyone had a good time and I really hope you find the time to read Picks & Pucks. I should mention I also wrote a short story called The Magic Broom. Lots of winter sports, including curling. Because curling is fun and all the cool kids curl. There’s another lovely novel I wrote called Echoes of Us, which is about making it in the music business. It’s a swell, angst story. Give it a shot. End Advertising segment.

For my final post of the evening, I’ve decided to create my dream hockey team. Current players only. It turned into a partial dream team because I got lost on several team websites looking at pictures of players…erm, maybe I shouldn’t have admitted that part.

Jonathan Toews #19 Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks Center

Zach Parise #11 Captain of the Minnesota Wild Left Wing

Matt Frattin  #23 Columbus Bluejackets Right Wing

Patrick Kane #88 Chicago Blackhawks Right Wing

Sidney Crosby #87 Pittsburgh Penguins Center

TJ Oshie #74 St. Louis Blues Right Wing

Zdeno Chara #33 Captain of the Boston Bruins Defense

Cam Fowler #4 Anaheim Ducks Defense

Niklas Kronwall #55 Detroit Red Wings Defense

Henrik Lundqvist #30 New York Rangers Goalie (The commercial with him and the Rhino is so freaking COOL)

This was a hard task, because I tend to gravitate to players I’ve seen play, and by that I mean, former University of North Dakota players. For example, Jonathan Toews, TJ Oshie, Matt Frattin, Zach Parise… I could easily have added Chris Porter, Travis Zajac, Brian Lee (he drove me crazy when he was at UND), Corban Knight (although he was sent back down…boo) Drew Stafford, Chris Vandevelde.

Fav players? Tell me… Also I’ve been informed that like Toews and Kane, Crosby and Malkin come as a set. Guess I need to add Geno to my dream team.

I’ll announce the winners in around midnight my time, if I don’t fall asleep first…Thanks for the fun

More about me:

Teegan Loy began writing a long time ago. Notebooks filled with ideas were stacked around the house. One day, she sat down with renewed ambition and something fantastic happened: she completed a story. Now most of her time is spent writing, but she takes occasional breaks to go to the movies, where she imagines her stories on the big screen. She also enjoys watching hockey, filling her iPod with music, and driving her daughter around town to various activities.

You can find Teegan at

Twitter: @teeganloy



Xo, Teegan



April 21, 2014

Demons. I’m pretty sure we all have some sort of demons. I obviously had a whole gaggle of demons this morning when I couldn’t get on this blog. I swear they were having a stupid party in my kitchen as I freaked out and yelled at my computer screen.

I also have demons who taunt me when I write. They come out in full force when I’m close to a story ending or when I submit or when I have a new release. Several are here right now. They are bellied up to the bar, occasionally tossing out insults, then giggling like maniacs. Usually, I ignore them, but sometimes, I agree with them and think my writing stinks, or my choices are dumb. They are a PIA and I should learn how to make them totally disappear.

My main character in Picks & Pucks deals with demons as well. Some are horrible, others are ridiculous. Justin has a love/hate relationship with hockey boys. They drive him crazy, but he can’t seem to stay away from them. One of the things Justin learns throughout the story, is he is not the only one who has demons. I believe most people are haunted by some sort of demon. Most are silly, created by us when we are feeling vulnerable and unsure of decisions we make. Some are created when we make wrong decisions. I think some of the worst demons are ones associated with guilt. Even if we have no control over the situation, guilt can eat you alive and ruin your life.

Sometimes the best we can do is learn to live with our demons. I know I’ve defeated some of mine. I swear I saw a demon explode in a shower of snow the other night on the way home from Canada. At the border, one of the questions I the border guard asked me was what do you do? I answered, with no pause, I am a writer. I couldn’t believe I said it.  I waited for the border person to say prove it and pull me out of my car, demanding I tell the truth or worse, laugh in my face. I silently reassured myself that it’s true; I am a writer. The border person didn’t even skip a beat. Her next question was who owns this car? That would be me, I said, and she waved me back into the United States with the mist of a demon covering my windshield. I am a writer. I wrote the story Picks & Pucks. Ha, stupid demon. I got you.

Take a chance and follow Justin on his journey as he learns to live with, and defeat his demons. Let me hear about some of your interesting demons. Have you defeated them, or do you let them ride on your shoulders day after day. Or maybe you think I’m slightly crazy, because you don’t have demons. TELL ME…

Short excerpt with Justin and his demons:

I kept my eyes focused on the floor. Maybe, if I didn’t look at any of them, the demons would take the night off and leave me the hell alone. I didn’t want to remember anything else tonight. I’d had enough of the past smacking me over the head.

“Justin, are you okay?” Eli asked.

“Yeah, I’m good. I’m exhausted. It’s been a long week, and sometimes I don’t deal with change well,” I admitted.

“Go to bed,” Janae said. “I’ll wake you in the morning.”

I nodded and slipped out of the room before anyone could say anything else. When I got upstairs, I closed my door and shut the shades, blocking out the world and, hopefully, the demons.

I busied myself by unpacking. The dresser in my room was empty, so I started filling the drawers with my clothing. In the bottom drawer, I found a red T-shirt balled in the corner. I dragged it out and gasped at the Detroit Red Wings logo. I immediately dropped it, watching it flutter to the ground.

Several demons crawled out from under my bed, so I kicked the shirt at them. The demons scurried after it. No way I was going to face that memory. I’d stared down enough memories today. One would think they would dull after so much time had passed. They didn’t.

Xo, Teegan


Picks & Pucks Release Day (Afternoon) Party

April 21, 2014

Hello, fine people. My name is Teegan Loy, and today, April 21, 2014, is release day for Picks & Pucks. The morning is still all brown grass and last years’ dead leaves where I’m at, but the sun is shining, and it’s NOT snowing. I’d twirl around but I’d probably spill my coffee and that would be bad.

Yes, I realize it is no longer morning in my world. I had issues getting on the blog, but I’m here now, so let’s get the party started before something else happens, and I end up tossing my brand new laptop across the room or something equally horrible.



Rising men’s figure skating star, Justin Corrin, is coming home to train for the upcoming season and face his demons. The last thing Justin needs is to fall in love with a hockey player. Instead of getting rid of his demons, Justin is collecting more. He tries desperately to control his growing feelings for CJ Daly, but finds being with CJ keeps his nightmares away.

Justin isn’t the only one with problems, and hidden fears and secrets threaten to separate the two. With the pressure mounting, CJ starts to pull away, and Justin doesn’t know why. His skating suffers, and he decides to stop wasting his time on love and focus on winning the nationals.

If Justin can destroy his demons, he might have a chance for happiness on and off the ice. But if the demons win, Justin’s life could be ruined.


I’m a little frazzled with all the craziness this morning, and this first post is totally disjointed. I’ll be making several more posts throughout the remainder of the day and will be giving away an ebook of Picks and Pucks. Maybe more than one, if things go well. They really can’t get any worse… Uh, right?    Don’t answer that!

I’m a total sports junkie and love watching, participating, and reading about various sports. Hockey is probably at the top of my sports I adore list. Even if you don’t particularly like sports or don’t understand them….look at the guys…I think you’ll find them fit and lovely to look at. Well, sometimes hockey players aren’t the prettiest, especially if they’re spitting teeth on the ice or getting hit in the face with a puck. Uh, didn’t mean to scare you off. I won’t talk about gruesome sports injuries anymore, I promise. I’ve seen some gross things happen on the ice. Ask me if you’re curious and have a strong stomach.

If you want to know more about me, or know what I look like trying to rock a hockey helmet (yeah, that didn’t work out so well) rush on over to Rayne O’Tierneys Hat Party blog and check out my post. She asks some fabulous questions.

So, to get entered into the contest to win a copy of the book, you must comment. I promise I’ll ask specific questions. Stop back again

Xo, Teegan








Eagle’s Blood Release Party post 5

April 14, 2014

A.J. here again. Since we’re celebrating the release of “Eagle’s Blood” today, we might as well have a final scene as we wind down. This is a scene where Landon patches Brock up from the eagle scratches.

He turned and looked at Brock. A dark stain marred his uniform. “What happened to you?”

Brock glanced down at his shirt. “Shit, I must be bleeding worse than I’d thought.”

Concerned, Landon hurried over to him. “That was your blood on the bird?”

“Probably the fresher stuff.” Brock frowned.

“Take your shirt off and let me clean that up for you.” He rushed over to his supply cabinet and grabbed a bottle of alcohol and one of peroxide.

“You don’t need to,” Brock said. “I can stop by the house and get cleaned up.”

Landon shook his head as he grabbed a towel and ran it under warm water. “It will only take a minute. I take it you put her in your shirt on the way up the cliff.”

“Yeah, since there was only one, it seemed like the thing to do.”

“You kept her warmer.” Landon started back toward Brock. “But it wasn’t the smartest thing to do.” He nearly stopped as Brock laid his uniform shirt on the metal exam table beside him and then pulled off the torn white T-shirt underneath. He’d known Brock for a couple of years, knew he was in good shape, but he’d never dreamed he was hiding such a perfect body under his tan uniform. Blond hair covered the massive chest. Landon took a deep breath and reminded himself that he was going to have to be clinical. He and Brock had a good relationship. It was important for a rehabber to be on good terms with P&W. But spring was always a busy time, and it had been awhile since he’d even had a date, much less touched a man like Brock.

“The important thing for me was saving her life.” Brock laid the T-shirt on top of his uniform.

One of the things Landon liked about Brock was his devotion to the wild animals. A few weeks ago, Brock had searched for the den of a mother mountain lion that had been hit by a car. It had taken him two days to find it, but he’d shown up on Landon’s doorstep with two little cubs that didn’t even have their eyes open. “You’ve had a tetanus shot recently?”

Brock nodded. “We have to stay current on those for work.”

“Good.” Landon reached out with the towel and ran it over Brock’s chest to clean away the blood. Stay clinical, he told himself, trying to ignore his racing pulse and tightening crotch. “I don’t think this is going to need stitches. If she’d been a little older, that might not have been the case. Even little, these birds can do a lot of damage with their feet. The biggest fear now is infection. Nests aren’t the cleanest places in the world.”

“Yeah, I’ll be more careful next time.” Brock’s eyes followed Landon’s hand as it moved across his chest.

Once the blood was cleared away, Landon grabbed the bottle of peroxide. “This is going to sting a bit.” Before Brock could reply, he held the towel under the scratches and poured the peroxide across them.

Brock hissed through clenched teeth as his blue eyes widened. “Yeah, that burns,” he sighed when it was over.

Landon dabbed his chest with the towel. “I don’t think we need the alcohol at this point. But we should bandage the wound.” He went back to his supply cupboard. Turning away from Brock made it easier for him to think. The urge to run his fingers across the massive, furry chest was strong. He didn’t even know how Brock would take any kind of advance from him. But damn, the man was hot.

After grabbing a tube of triple antibiotic ointment, a large bandage, and some medical tape, Landon turned back to Brock. The ranger was still sitting on the stool. Still looking sexy as all hell. “Due to the spread of the scratches, we’re going to need a large bandage. We can use medical tape, which is going to pull hair when it comes off, or we can use vet wrap, but I’ll need to go all the way around you with it.”

Brock thought for a moment. “What colors of vet wrap do you have?”

Landon set the things in his hands down on the table next to the uniform shirt. “What?” That hadn’t been a question he’d been expecting.

“Last time I checked, vet wrap comes in a lot of different colors. If you’ve got blue, red, or dark green, I’ll go for that. Otherwise we’ll just tape it on.”

“I think I’ve got some dark green.” Landon walked to the drawer with the vet wrap. “Most of my patients don’t care about the color of their bandages.”

Brock laughed. “I just don’t want to go with pink or anything weird. I don’t know  it would just make me feel strange, even if no one but me knew it was there.”

Damn, that almost sounds like he might be straight. “Okay, let me get some.”

A few minutes later, Landon had the bandage on and had wrapped the forest-green vet wrap around Brock’s bulging chest.

“Thanks.” Brock pulled his uniform shirt back on after rolling up the ruined T-shirt. “You saved me some time going back to the house.”

“Hey, anytime,” Landon replied. He handed the half-roll of vet wrap to Brock after he had his shirt buttoned. “Here, take this. You’ll need to change out the bandage when you go to bed tonight. You’ll probably need to do that for a couple of days. Put some kind of antibiotic ointment on it each time. If the scratches start to look funny, get to the doctor.  Eagle claws can carry some really nasty germs.”

Brock nodded. “Okay. Speaking of the eaglet, would it be okay if I stopped in and checked on her from time to time? I like eagles and she’s had a hard start to life.”

Happy with any excuse that would bring Brock back to his house, Landon smiled. “My door is always open. With it being spring, either I’m here or one of the volunteers is all the time.”

Brock smiled. His white teeth sparkled in his rugged, well-tanned, clean-shaven face. “Cool. If I’m in the area, I’ll swing by. I’ll try to call first to make sure you’re here.”

To experience more of the chemistry between Brock and Landon, you’re going to have to read the book.
So we’re going to have time for one more post before we wrap things up for today. It’s going to be your last chance to get answers to all your pressing questions. If it isn’t apparent by now, I’m full of lots of useless bird facts. Does anyone out there know why owls fly silently? Or why hawks are so beneficial to our environment?

Eagle’s Blood Release Party post 4

April 14, 2014

Okay folks, you guys are being really quiet on the comments. That means it’s time to break out the pictures. Let’s see if some bird pictures will help folks liven up a bit.


Here’s a handsome barn owl.

Ferrug in flight 1 fv

This is a ferruginous hawk. They are the largest hawks in North America.


This little guy is a male American Kestrel. Smallest of the falcons in NA.

Zephyr face 5.1

His name was Zephyr. A male red-tailed hawk I flew for 2 seasons. I hope he found a mate and is out making more awesome hunters.


I’ll wrap up this round of bird pictures with a lovely snowy owl.

As much as hot romance plays a large part of “Eagle’s Blood” so too do the birds and other wildlife in the book. I’m hoping I did everyone justice. We’ll be wrapping this whole thing up in another couple of post. If there’s more you want to know about the book, Colorado, wildlife, I might even answer questions about me. But you all know that authors are kinda boring.

So what is your favorite wild critter?

Eagle’s Blood Release Party post 3

April 14, 2014

A.J. back again. So I’m sitting here, just finished up my taxes, you know how writers are with deadlines…but looking out my window, there’s a fair amount of rapidly melting snow outside and the mule deer are wandering past. It all reminds me of the day I started writing “Eagle’s Blood”. I already had an idea for the book, Landon the wildlife rehabber would fall in love with Brock the P&W officer. I just had to come up with a really cool way to start the book. Last year, about this time, we had a major spring blizzard come through. The spring snows in the Rockies can be some of the worst. Sitting here at my computer, watching the snow blow in an almost horizontal way, the opening scene came to life.

Here’s the opening scene from “Eagle’s Blood”

Chapter 1

The frigid wind lashed Parks and Wildlife officer Brock Summers as he rappelled down the cliff face. Even his heavy Carhartts over several thick layers weren’t enough to totally buffer him from the late-spring blizzard blasting against him. It was all he could do to hold on to the rope as he slid toward the eagle nest below him.

“How are you doing?” Dara Silverstein, his backup, asked through the radio.

“Cold,” Brock replied. “But I’m almost there.” Glancing below, he could see the large stick nest in the same place it had rested for many years. Green pine branches poking out of the snow on the nest told him the nest was in use this year. He didn’t see the customary shape of a brooding eagle. The fears that drove him to do the dangerous climb grew stronger.

“Just be careful,” Dara said. “We don’t even know if this is the right nest.”

“I am being careful.” Brock found the ledge with the tips of his toes. There wasn’t anything to get hold of to steady himself as the wind tried to pull him off the cliff. He struggled to keep his balance for a moment as he took a cautious step toward the nest. There was still no sign of the parent birds. Even in the blizzard, they should’ve appeared as soon as he and Dara approached the cliff. He’d known this pair for several years, most of the time he’d been stationed in Teller County, Colorado. They were extremely aggressive. That was why he wore the big clunky helmet that provided almost no warmth but would protect him if either of the golden eagles decided to dive-bomb him.

“I’m at the nest,” he said.

“What’s there?”

“No mother bird,” he replied, digging into the snow with one hand while holding on to his climbing rope with the other. His gloved fingers touched something that didn’t feel like a stick. He carefully uncovered the frozen remains of an eagle chick. “I’ve got one chick, looks to be about three weeks old. Frozen.”

“Damn,” Dara replied.

As Brock lifted the chick aside, something under it moved. He looked closer. A smaller eaglet shivered in the wind that now blasted it. “Got a younger one, alive.” Brock tried to move around so his body would block some of the wind from getting to the little eagle. Next to the tiny one, there was a third chick that wasn’t so lucky. Parts of it were missing.

“Do you need me to lower a basket down?” Dara asked.

“No, there’s just the one,” Brock replied. “I’ll carry it out. Besides, with this wind, I don’t think the basket would be safe.” He pulled his right glove off with his teeth so he could unzip his Carhartt and get the jacket under it open. Finally he’d opened all the way down to his T-shirt. The little eagle nipped at him as picked it up.

Brock chuckled. “Still got some spunk left in you.” The eaglet still had a bit of food in its crop. Glancing at the third chick that had lost pieces, Brock knew where the food had come from. He tucked the bird against his chest and closed his layered clothing around it. The little ball of fluff moved a couple of times, then settled in to sleep as the warm darkness surrounded it.

With a parting frown at the two chicks that hadn’t survived, Brock moved to the edge of the ledge where he could start back up the cliff face. He didn’t want to upset the actual structure of the nest. Eagles, maybe even the one he currently cradled, might want to use it in the future. It was in a prime location with plenty of prey around.

“Coming up,” he called to Dara as he grabbed the rope and started the long, slippery climb back to the top of the cliff.

“Just be careful,” she said. “If anything, the wind up here is getting worse.”

“Don’t tell me that,” Brock replied. “I expect it to be sunny and warm by the time I get up there.” Talking to Dara helped take his mind off the treacherous climb. If he wasn’t talking, he might over think  every part of what he was doing. To make it to the top, he had to relax and just let his body do what he did on a regular basis. He’d been climbing cliffs since his teen years. This was just another climb, like hundreds before it.

Dara laughed. “Yeah, I think I can convince myself it’s sunny and warm up here.”

“Hey, at least it’s not as cold as it was a couple of months ago. You know, when we had that stakeout in the blind with the high around zero.” He let his feet find the holds they needed to get up the cliff. It would’ve been so much easier in thinner, flexible shoes, but his feet would’ve been numb from cold before he’d even reached the nest if he’d done that. Even the foot warmers he currently had in wouldn’t have helped.

“There is that. I don’t think I would’ve agreed to help you then. I would’ve made one of the other guys come with you. That elk stakeout was bad enough without wind.”

Brock continued to find the footing he needed. “Yeah, but we got the poachers that time.”

“Yeah, we did.”

Brock’s left foot slipped and threw him off-balance . He grabbed hold of the rope to keep from sliding down, but he swung a bit. Deep in his shirt, the eagle moved. Its small, sharp talons tried to find something to cling to. It dug into Brock’s chest.


“What’s wrong?” Dara asked.

“Lost my footing and the little guy decided to hold on to my chest. Glad he’s not much bigger, he could really do some damage.” Finding his footing again, Brock tried to ignore the pain and continue up the cliff face.

“Geez, I thought it was something major. I thought you were Mr. Macho Stud who could handle a little bit of pain now and then.”

“Tell you what,” Brock chuckled. “Let’s have this little guy grab hold of your tit and see what it feels like.”

“Tell him to aim right and you can have an interesting piercing.”

Brock was getting near enough to the top of the cliff that he could just barely make out what Dara was saying, over the wind, without the radio. “Nope, don’t really want to get a piercing from an eagle. Although, it would make an interesting conversation point to go along with that scar on my ass from that bear.”

Dara laughed. “I think most folks would rather you flash your chest at them than your ass any day.”

Brock cleared the top of the cliff. Dara offered him a hand to steady himself. The wind was worse than it had been down the cliff face.

“Let’s get back to the trucks.” Brock pulled the rope up and coiled it around his arm as Dara untied it from the ponderosa pine it was anchored to.

We’ll get to a Landon scene in a little while.
So what are some of the scariest winter adventures that folks have had? After the winter that might be winding down, I’m sure there are a few out there.

Eagle’s Blood Release Party post 2

April 14, 2014

Hey, A.J. back here. I figure since this book is called “Eagle’s Blood” we’ll start out the wildlife related posts with one on Eagles…complete with pictures. YEAH pictures.


Eagles, the largest birds of prey, have inspired an array of emotions in primates since the beginning of time. Certainly, all humans fear raptors flying toward them, and as a falconer, that was something I had to overcome. Predators, and eagles are predators, think it’s funny if you flinch. However, way back down the evolutionary tree, our ancestors were much smaller and the ancestors of the eagles were much larger. In the natural world, that made us prey. Fossilized remains have been found showing evidence of eagle predation on proto humans. So, it’s natural for us to be afraid.

Once we evolved far enough that we came off the eagles’ readily-available menu, we looked at the eagles with awe, emulating their powerful spirit. They inspired people to fly, literally, and sometimes with rather disastrous results before airplanes were invented. In time, they became symbols of power. The king of the gods, Zeus had an eagle as his symbol. The bald eagle is the symbol of the United States.



Across our globe, there are approximately 63 species of eagles. The number changes a bit due to new scientific data. There is a lot of data that shows the ferruginous hawk of the American plains should be an eagle, but is still classified as a hawk. Eagles range in length from 16 to 39 inches and weigh from one to 16 pounds. Those 60 some odd birds are broken up into two sub families and twenty two genera. The largest genus, Aquila, includes the two eagle species we have here in North America the bald eagle and the golden eagle.

Eagles are extremely opportunistic and prey on everything from ground squirrels up to large monkeys, from fish to geese, even the occasional road kill. As apex predators, eagles take what they can catch. They are highly intelligent and use that to their advantage. In Spain, a group of Imperial eagles, a subspecies of golden eagles, have learned to take chamois sheep off of mountain sides, then soar back to their nest carrying a sheep that they wouldn’t be able to lift if it weren’t for the strong upslope wind currents along the cliffsides.

Here in the U.S., eagles taught us a hard lesson. As apex predators, they warned us of things going wrong in our world. Back in the late 1950s and early 1960s, farmers routinely sprayed the pesticide DDT on crops. We soon learned that it didn’t break down and instead contaminated our rivers and lakes. Fish and water fowl that lived in and on the water became toxic and the bald eagles, who preyed on the contaminated fish and water fowl, fell into a rapid decline. Where once bald eagles were a common sight, in just a few decades, their population crashed to where their very survival was endangered. With a lot of work from environmentalists, zoos, and falconers, the bald eagle once again soars the skies over North America, but its tale is a precautionary one to watch what we are doing to our environment before it’s too late.


Eagles have been used in the sport of falconry for millennia. In medieval times, they were reserved for emperors since they were viewed as the emperor of birds. In Europe today, they are bred in captivity and a large number are flown by falconers in many different countries. In Mongolia, eaglers have many cultural traditions revolving around their birds. Here in the United States, where the Native Americans still revere the eagle as the messenger of the Gods, we have very strict regulations regarding the use of golden eagles for falconry and bald eagles are not allowed. Only a few falconers, in the U.S., fly eagles, and they must acquire a special permit in addition to their regular falconry license. The birds can only be taken from the wild under special conditions. It takes a lot to fly an eagle, but those who do think it’s worth the work.

Eagles top the evolutionary chain that began millions of years ago with dinosaurs. If you look into the eyes of an eagle, and you understand that in their mind they can still eat you. You are little more than a strangely-dressed ape, and monkeys are tasty. With their dagger-like talons, and sharp hooked beak, they are the embodiment of a predator. But beyond that, they are the ultimate in grace and power. Watching an eagle swoop out of a clear sky to take down a running jack rabbit, or scoop up a huge rainbow trout, is something you’ll never forget. Even today, these birds inspire the human soul in ways that no other creature on the planet ever will. If you get the chance go see them in their natural habitat, it’s a sight that will leave its mark on you forever.

Does anyone have any stories/encounters with eagles that they’d like to share? Eagles are one of the many birds that inspire me everyday. For me, there is nothing more thrilling than happening to come across an eagle on my day to day travels. And if you can’t tell, I love writing about them too.

Eagle’s Blood Release Party post 1

April 14, 2014

Greetings, A.J. Marcus here, taking over the Dreamspinner blog on release day of my latest book “Eagle’s Blood” which is book one of the Mountain Spirit series.


“Eagle’s Blood” follows wildlife rehabilitator Landon and Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer Brock as they fight to save eagles from poachers and in the process find the love that’s been sitting right in front of them for several years.

I promise not to spend all afternoon talking about the book. There are so many more interesting things to talk about that helped me write the book. In the past, I was part of a wild bird rehabilitation center. I did a lot of photography for them, kept up their website, did education programs, releases and even occasionally actually rehabbed birds. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to get wildlife that’s been injured back to where they belong. What kinds of things would you like to know about?

I’ll try and post some pictures of different critters and make this as interesting as possible. Toward the end of everything, I’ll post a blurb from the book and we’ll have a contest for an e-copy. I’m fairly flexible today, so what do you want to talk about? If you don’t tell me, I might be just tempted to post bird pictures all day. :D

It’s been a great day

April 4, 2014

I’d like to thank everyone for popping in and don’t forget you can leave comments until Sunday. I’ll pick a winner that morning and announce who it is on this blog.

I’d like to thank Trish from Mrs. Condit & Friends for the pre-release review and Roberta from Love Bytes Reviews for the release day review. You were both very kind and I’m so glad you enjoyed reading Electric Candle.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and happy reading!



A vampire’s (and writer’s) best friend.

April 4, 2014

While Anne and I were working out the details of our world and the supernatural things within it, we wanted to make our vampires a little different from the rest. Forge is full of surprises. He has allergies, loves his caffeine and has a dog.

Moose is a big German Shepard mix and the current canine to steal Forge’s heart. He’s an important character in the book. Forge has found companionship with dogs throughout his whole life, and they are important to him. There is nothing quite like the unconditional love of a pet. Most of my books have at least one four legged character. I like to use a character’s interaction with a pet to show a side of them that maybe hard to otherwise see. Oh, and Moose definitely has Forge wrapped around his paws.

This is my best girl, Rosie.

2013-09-19 18.24.02


In this picture Rosie is diligently guarding my back yard from the squirrels on the neighbor’s garage. I’m sharing this picture because the day I took it I was writing Electric Candle and Moose was a main part of the chapter.

I love to hear about people’s pets, tell me about yours.