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August 13, 2014

Thanks everyone for letting me take over the blog today. Meet-cute is available on Amazon,  Barnes & Noble and DSP. Hope you check it out.



Meet-cute release party – small talk

August 13, 2014

Hello again,

It’s time for some awkward party small talk…

I mentioned before my name is C.C. Dado, I am born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and not leaving anytime soon. Like my favorite type of main character I have a gigantic suitcase of emotional baggage that I get to cart around and bust out every time web MD tells me my average cold is actually something horrific and incurable. (I’ve really got to stop going on there.)

Reading has always been a great escape for me to stop worrying over imaginary problems. My favorite are ones that make you laugh while you fall in love with the characters.

Does anyone out there have some good suggestions of ones I should check out.

I tried for comedic romance in “Meet-cute” I will have to wait to see some reviews to see if I am hitting the mark or not. It is all an amazing learning experience.

CONTEST…contest…contest…. Meet-cute release party.

August 13, 2014

Free meet-cute ebook download for the first person that reads the sample and can tell me what Elliot thinks should be banned in schools.

Aaaaaaannnnd go!

Still partying – meet-cute release day

August 13, 2014

I may or may not be doing a keg stand right now.

I would like to hear what your preferred main characters are like. For me, it’s the typical tattooed bad boy with a suitcase overflowing with emotional baggage, and an I don’t give a crap attitude. (Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
I also have a soft spot for an intelligent man that hides a low self-esteem behind layers of self deprecating, dry humored, sarcasm.
(Ahhhhhhhhhhh…this is my comfort zone of “write what you know” for me.)

Here’s a little excerpt from “meet-cute” of my
main character Elliot at the gym with Chase:

“Four minutes into jogging, I could feel the sweat running down my face, and I was trying to figure out if there was a way to make asthmatic breathing sexy. I was pretty sure I was about to die and he was still standing there being all motivational-coach on me. I was partially distracted from jogging by him running his fingers through the top of his hair.

“So, E, uh, I was wondering if I could take you out to dinner tonight?”

That’s the last thing I heard before my toe caught the edge of the treadmill and I felt my body being ejected off the back of the machine like it had decided only pretty people should be allowed to ride it.

“Oh shit, E, are you okay?” I heard Chase say, but it sounded like it was from far away. I’m not sure what hurt worse, my pride or my face from hitting the treadmill on my way down. “Holy shit, I’ve never actually seen that happen in real life,” he said, and I could hear the concern and overwhelming awe in his voice.

“I think I’m done for today,” I said as I tried to get up.”

Meet-cute release party- C.C. Dado

August 13, 2014

Hello all, C.C. Dado here, I am a new author with DSP. I am celebrating the release of my book “Meet-cute”. I feel I should warn you up front, this could end up being one of those epic parties where you wake up the next morning, not sure what happened, your head is throbbing, your mouth taste funny and you can’t find your pants.

So let’s get this party started:

Hopefully you will all find my book as entertaining as I find bad 80′s dancing. Here is a little blurb and a link to “meet-cute” to kick us off:

“Elliot Beck may not have been blessed with mad art skills, a crooner’s voice, or a godlike physique, but he makes up for it with an abundance of quick-witted sarcasm, massive insecurities, and a love of bad boys.

After his best friend Trevor finds him naked and tied to his bed—abandoned by his latest troublemaker—Trevor convinces him to take a chance on a nice guy. When he has an awkward encounter in the men’s restroom with a fitness instructor named Chase, he never suspects the Adonis might be his perfect bad boy.”


Buy Meet-cute here!



New Releases: August 13th, 2014

August 13, 2014

Meet-cute by C.C. Dado


After an awkward encounter in the restroom with a fitness instructor named Chase, Elliot never suspect Chase might be his perfect bad boy.

Elliot Beck may not have been blessed with mad art skills, a crooner’s voice, or a godlike physique, but he makes up for it with an abundance of quick-witted sarcasm, massive insecurities, and a love of bad boys.


After his best friend Trevor finds him naked and tied to his bed—abandoned by his latest troublemaker—Trevor convinces him to take a chance on a nice guy. When he has an awkward encounter in the men’s restroom with a fitness instructor named Chase, he never suspects the Adonis might be his perfect bad boy.


Length: Novella (71p.) | Genre: Contemporary | Release Date: August 13, 2014

Buy as eBook ($3.99 ISBN: 978-1-62798-957-2)






Nothing Special by Jay Northcote


Noah doesn’t think he’s interesting or sexy enough to hold Sol’s attention. But to Sol, Noah is something very special indeed.

Noah thinks he’s nothing special. Average height, a bit on the skinny side, and cute but rather geeky, he’s relentlessly ordinary. He certainly doesn’t expect to be noticed by Sol, the gorgeous dark-haired stranger Noah sees on his commute home most days. But when Noah’s friend, Dom, persuades Noah to take a huge risk in a bid to get Sol’s attention, things turn out better than Noah dared to hope. Noah and Sol start dating, and much to Noah’s surprise, his feelings seem to be reciprocated.


But Noah’s insecurities make him doubt Sol. He doesn’t believe he’s interesting enough or sexy enough to hold Sol’s attention, and as Sol tries to get closer, Noah’s instinct is to pull away to protect himself. If their relationship is going to survive, Sol needs to convince Noah that he sees Noah very differently than Noah sees himself. Because to Sol, Noah is something very special indeed.


Length: Novella (187p.) | Genre: Contemporary | Release Date: August 13, 2014

Buy as eBook ($4.99 ISBN: 978-1-63216-138-3)






The Pillar by Kim Fielding


Bound by the constraints of law and class in 15th century Bosnia, Faris and Boro must overcome powerful foes to protect their happiness.

During his youth, orphaned thief Faris was flogged at the pillar in the town square and left to die. But a kind old man saved him, gave him a home, and taught him a profession. Now Faris is the herbalist for the town of Zidar, taking care of the injured and ill. He remains lonely, haunted by his past, and insecure about how his community views him. One night, despite his reluctance, he saves a dying slave from the pillar.


A former soldier, Boro has spent the last decade as a brutalized slave. Herbs and ointment can heal his physical wounds, but both men carry scars that run deep. Bound by the constraints of law and social class in 15th century Bosnia, Faris and Boro must overcome powerful enemies to protect the fragile happiness they’ve found.


Length: Novella (144p.) | Genre: Historical European | Release Date: August 13, 2014

Buy as eBook ($4.99 ISBN: 978-1-63216-070-6)

New Releases: August 11th, 2014

August 11, 2014

Names Can Never Hurt Me by Wade Kelly


When Nick meets RC, it throws his life out of whack. RC seems to be Nick’s opposite, but Nick can’t get him out of his head.

What if sexuality wasn’t a definable thing and labels merely got in the way?


Nick Jones can’t remember a time when he wasn’t part of the in crowd. Everywhere he goes, he stands out as the best looking guy in the room, and women practically fall into bed with him. Then, after kissing Corey on a dare led much more and on many occasions, Nick’s “screw anything” reputation escalated, but he didn’t care.


When Nick meets RC at the restaurant where he works, it throws his whole life out of whack. Overweight, always sweaty, gay, and hairy like a bear, RC lives up to his dubbed nickname “Scruffy Dude.” He seems Nick’s complete opposite, but Nick can’t get him out of his head.


Because of peer-pressure and his fears about defining his sexuality, Nick struggles with stepping out of his comfort zone and caring about someone different than himself.  If he’s lucky, somewhere between arrogance and ignorance, Nick might find out what it means to be an adult, but if he’s wrong, he could lose everything.


Length: Novel (340p.) | Genre: Contemporary | Release Date: August 11, 2014

Buy as eBook ($6.99 ISBN: 978-1-62798-857-5) | Buy as Paperback ($17.99 ISBN: 978-1-62798-856-8)






The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds by Charley Descoteaux


Lee’s had a good life, but always felt something was missing. When he meets Phil, he knows exactly what that something is.

All he ever wanted was to be a normal guy….


Phil Brask spends his days in the basement of his mentor’s Victorian home, converting legal documents into electronic format. When the pipe feeding the water heater bursts, Lee Redding arrives in the plumber’s truck and draws Phil away from the narrow focus of his computer and camera lens. Lee gives Phil hope for a life beyond the walls he’s constructed using the nesting habits of migratory birds and dense legal files, a guided tour through a world filled with romance and music…maybe even family. But there’s a reason Phil retreated behind those walls, why he panics at a simple touch.


Lee has a good life—working with his uncle and on his mother’s farm, playing bass in a horrible metal band, and hooking up when he pleases—but he’s always suspected something was missing. When he meets the hot photographer with the icy-blue eyes, he knows exactly what that something is. Phil isn’t like other guys, but neither is Lee beneath his carefree exterior. Maybe Lee’s the perfect guy to show Phil that everything doesn’t have to be done the hard way and “home” isn’t a four-letter word.


Length: Novel (200p.) | Genre: Contemporary | Release Date: August 11, 2014

Buy as eBook ($6.99 ISBN: 978-1-63216-044-7) | Buy as Paperback ($14.99 ISBN: 978-1-63216-043-0)





Trusting Love by Mari Evans


No matter how Laurie tries to prove his maturity, Sam rejects him as too young. When Laurie needs someone to help him, Sam takes him home.

Laurie Stallon isn’t like other high schoolers. After suffering years of abuse at his father’s hands, he now lives in a foster care facility and finds solace volunteering at the local animal shelter. Laurie’s had to grow up fast, and even though his eighteenth birthday is still weeks away, he’s more adult than most adults he knows. When he meets Dr. Sam Davies, the new shelter veterinarian, the attraction is instant. They become friends at work, but Laurie knows Sam will never go for someone like him. No matter how Laurie tries to prove his maturity to Sam, Sam continues to reject him as too young.


Needing a distraction, Laurie goes out dancing for his birthday and finds his life in danger yet again. When Sam is called to the hospital, he realizes Laurie needs someone to care for him. Sam takes him home, and they slowly build a relationship. But more than their age difference works against them. Facing the disapproval of friends and the scars from Laurie’s past, they’ll need to put all their trust in love for a chance at a future together.


Length: Novel (200p.) | Genre: Contemporary, Coming of Age | Release Date: August 11, 2014

Buy as eBook ($6.99 ISBN: 978-1-62798-956-5) | Buy as Paperback ($14.99 ISBN: 978-1-62798-955-8)


August 11, 2014

The trains weren’t on time tonight, but I almost am!

First, a huge thank-you to everyone who visited, commented, and made this a party! You guys rock so hard…

Second, I forgot to tell you about my free story that ties in with The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds. Bad me. :(   If you’re a member of the Goodreads MM Romance Group you may’ve already seen it, but if you haven’t read Better Than New yet (and would like to) you can grab it at my blog, here.


Okay, now the good part!

The winner of a signed paperback copy of The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds is Doris!

JenCW will get the ebook delivered to her DsP book shelf!

I hope you like bracelets, Doris, because you’re the winner of my bracelet and rubber owl!

Please email me at c.descoteauxwritesATgmailDOTcom with the necessary info as soon as you’re able.  :)

Everyone have a great week!

Rainbow Rose


The post with the steamy excerpt!

August 11, 2014

Here it is, my last post before announcing the winners of today’s giveaways!

Thank you for visiting the release party for my first full-length novel, The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds! I’m so glad you stopped by, and hope you had a little fun.

Speaking of fun and sex (we weren’t talking about sex? Well, why the hell not?) Strange Birds is an erotic romance so naturally sex figures prominently in the growth of both men. They come into the story with their own ideas of what sex is, and what it should be. Those ideas don’t always mesh, because that would just be too easy. ;)

Besides, sex is different for everyone (I’m guessing here, since I haven’t actually had sex with everyone). What it’s like, and what it includes, both depend on a lot of variables. Not the least of which is who your partner is and what they bring to the table (or the sofa or the backseat of the car or…). Sex for same-sex partners is different than it is for opposite-sex partners too—not only in the most obvious ways.

It’s pretty obvious that same-sex partners don’t go into it with the idea that sex is about procreation. It’s about pleasure, about showing your partner how you feel about them, about the connection. So, very often, it’s not about penetration either. I’m not going to knock it in general, but penetration doesn’t have to be the culmination of every sex scene—or every relationship, for that matter. Most of the opposite-sex romance novels I’ve read seemed to be saying that it is, that penetrative sex is the ultimate goal two people should have (along with marriage, but that’s a whole post unto itself).

What’s the point of this, you ask? I enjoy same-sex romance because you never really know how it’ll end. Sure, if it’s marked romance you expect someone to be in love with someone else by the end and for those feelings to be returned, but it seems to me this is the only hard and fast rule. The mysteries of how they’ll get there and what they’d do along the way are the fun parts. The journey can look wildly different for every couple.

Okay, I’ll stop rambling and make with the steamy excerpt now. :)

I’ll be back by 7 p.m. Pacific Time to announce the winners.

In the meantime, tell me about your expectations when you read male-male romances. Do you like a lot of sex, or just a little? Wild or vanilla? The sky’s the limit, and every post is an entry for my giveaways.

No fair saying “it depends on the story” either–everyone has a favorite thing and I want to hear ‘em!  In this, as in all the truly fun things in life, there are no wrong answers. :)

All the excerpts today have been from Phil’s POV, but Lee has a voice in this book too. Here’s a little from him. The context for the excerpt is a little spoilery, so I hope I’m not too horrible if I don’t share it. :D

Lee moaned when Phil knelt on the floor in front of him, and again when he leaned against him and kissed him slowly, deeply, circling Lee’s tongue with his like a preview of coming attractions.

Lee didn’t have to wait long, after that kiss, Phil moved faster with every passing moment. He pulled at Lee’s shirt, and as soon as it was off, tossed it behind him without a glance, and dove forward to kiss a path down his abs. Phil’s hands shook as he slid the elastic waistband of Lee’s sweats down, and by the time his dick was free, both panted loudly in the otherwise silent room.

Phil sucked gently on the head until Lee raised his hips. After a long teasing moment, he opened his lips and let Lee fuck his mouth. A few strokes like that and Phil lowered his head, just a little, every time Lee pushed up. Lee fought the urge to bury both hands in Phil’s hair. He wanted to tangle his fingers, feel Phil’s head banging from both sides, but settled for watching as his hair bounced up and floated down.

Whoa, it’s getting long—it hardly even curls anymore.

Lee grunted with the effort to keep from grabbing Phil’s hair as he sped the pace. Almost like he’d been listening to a Tool song but then Metallica came on the radio. Lee smiled and pulled his good leg up over the arm of the little chair. More leverage meant more friction and—oh shit—and then Phil wrapped a hand around the inside of Lee’s hip. He gripped the crease where leg and ass met, massaging until Phil’s thumb found his hole. For a moment, that felt much longer than it could’ve been, time stopped, just like the hummingbird wings in Phil’s pictures. The moment ended when Phil gripped harder and traced a circle with his hot thumb, ripping a hoarse scream from Lee’s throat as he came.

“Oh shit,” Lee panted, his head lolled to the side, his ass hanging off the chair. He opened his eyes and saw the ottoman about four feet away, his casted foot barely hanging on to the corner.

Phil kissed Lee’s deflating prick and then turned away. He lifted his cast and slid the ottoman under Lee’s leg.

“Oh man, I think you should pay me now.”

“What?” All the happy disappeared from Phil’s face and his body got very still.

“You need to feel this good too.”

Lee leaned forward and rested a hand on Phil’s shoulder. When he didn’t look any less happy, Lee drew his palm down across his chest. He scooted a little more upright and then slipped his hand around Phil’s hip, drawing him closer. Phil shook his head but didn’t really seem to be saying no. After a careful moment spent watching Phil’s face for any sign he was going too far, Lee pushed his fingertips past the waistband of his jeans. Phil shivered, and he took that as a sign and opened the snap.

“Come up here?”

Phil turned his face up to Lee, panting through his beautiful swollen lips. When Lee slipped both hands under his arms and pulled, he didn’t resist. Lee kissed those luscious lips as he arranged Phil across his lap, and didn’t stop while he opened his pants. He was about to pull them off, but at the last minute just brought them down enough to get at Phil’s burning erection.

“Oh shit, you’re so hot.”

Lee grabbed a big handful of Phil’s ass and lifted until he could lick the glistening tip of his cock. When Phil moaned in response, Lee closed his lips over the head. He was tempted to move to the bed so he could watch Phil’s face—his gorgeous face—while he came, but didn’t want to stop sucking his dick to do it.

As though getting off had erased the tough workday, Lee lifted Phil in a faster and faster rhythm until he got close.

Much more fun than free weights.


Thanks again for hanging out with us today—hope you enjoyed the excerpts! I’ll be back in a couple of hours for the drawing. If the train is on time, I’ll be back before then to answer any questions and enjoy the party from the comfort of my PC instead of my phone. :)


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Rainbow Rose

Release Party Post #4: LGBTQ Youth and Charities + Excerpt

August 11, 2014

Welcome back to my release party!

I’m getting a little serious here, so if you want to skip down to the excerpt I’ll understand. It’s a little serious too, though, so I wanted to warn everyone. The book deals with some serious and potentially triggery subject matter, and this is just a little hint at what Phil and Lee have to deal with before they get their HEA.

I’ve seen a few authors in this wonderful genre we all love talking about giving characters happy endings that the people they knew in real life weren’t able to enjoy. The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds does that, in a way.

Parts of Phil’s backstory are taken from a friend of mine who spent some time in foster care during her childhood. She and her little brother were taken from their mother and spent a few weeks in separate foster homes. Luckily, their grandmother fought for custody of both kids. My friend’s story started me thinking about all kinds of “What if” scenarios.

But those are way too spoilery to talk about.

I can’t talk about nothing, though (not for long, anyway ;) ), so I’ll talk about a real-life issue—the lack of services and safe spaces available for LGBTQ youth. Even in places known for being liberal, LGBTQ youth (and adults, for that matter) have problems with acceptance, which often leads to unstable life situations. Oregon is no exception. Depending on the study you read, at least half to two-thirds of Oregon’s homeless youth are LGBTQ. Places like Outside In, and SMYRC (Sexual & Gender Minority Youth Resource Center) are among the organizations doing great work to change that in the Portland area.

SMYRC is a program of Portland’s Q Center, and they provide youth aged 12-23 with a safe space to hang out, participate in activities from community involvement to music and art, and access services from life skills education to job readiness and counseling. They also provide a lot of the basic necessities of life that most of us are lucky enough to take for granted, like toiletries and warm winter clothes. Last year I spent almost five months knitting and donated a large bag of hats, scarves, and mitts during their annual clothing drive. I didn’t have money to spare, but I had yarn!

As soon as the NFL pre-season gets going I’ll be back at it. Charity knitting in front of football games is one of my favorite things about the fall.


Do you have a favorite charity that helps LGBTQ youth?

If so, I’d love to hear about it. If you give or volunteer there, I want to hear about that too. Toot your own horn, and help raise awareness of all the great work being done around the world to help our kids grow up knowing their worth.




They sat in silence for a few minutes. Phil thought Jerry was waiting for him to ask another question. He had one but wasn’t sure how to ask it.

“Your scars aren’t you, Phil. It’s possible they won’t make any difference to Lee at all.”

Phil shook his head, scooted back on the bed, and pulled his legs up under the folds of his robe.

“You don’t have to tell him, or anyone, about them unless you want to.”

“But that means….”

Jerry leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees. “No, it doesn’t mean you can’t be intimate. It means you choose what to tell and when. You can tell it all, or you can just say they’re old scars, you’re fine now, and you don’t want to talk about it.”

Phil thought about it longer than Jerry could stay in that position. Jerry stood and stretched his back, hung his sport jacket in the closet, and sat in an old wing chair on the other side of the room.

“I-isn’t that l-l… dishonest?”


Jerry’s tone suggested he wanted Phil to turn around, so he did, and then scooted near to where he sat.

“You don’t owe anyone an explanation, Phil. You don’t have to say anything you’re uncomfortable with. And while we’re on the subject, you don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with either. You decide what to do and when to do it. Understand?”

Phil nodded and then looked up—he was afraid he would cry from frustration. “But I d-do want to.”

Jerry nodded. “Then you should.” He smiled. “Lee’s a good guy, and it’s clear there’s something between you, so just go until you have to stop and then start again when you can.”

Jerry had a knack for making things sound simple. Not easy, but simple.

“C-can I ask you something else?”

“Phil, you can ask anything, anytime. You know questions only bother me when I don’t know the answers.”

Phil smiled and his chin shook, which started the rest of him shaking again. “I never… I mean, I never thanked you for h-helping me. Why did you? I don’t mean to s-sound ungrateful—”

“Hold on. You don’t sound ungrateful. It’s a logical question. And the answer is simple, unlike everything else in your life: you needed someone to fight for you, to help you, and I was in a position to do it. I’m glad I was. What you went through—nobody should have to go through anything like that, and especially not alone.”

Phil swiped at his cheeks, but even though they burned, they were dry.

“I know you wanted to give up, more than once or twice, but you didn’t. What happened to you would’ve broken a lesser man. You know that, don’t you? I’m proud of you, Phil. It wasn’t easy, and may never be easy, but you’re still standing.”

Jerry stood and slowly approached the bed. Phil looked up, and when he realized Jerry would hug him, his eyes stung, but at the same time he felt like smiling. When Jerry wrapped both arms around his shoulders and pulled him close, Phil hugged him back.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, and then Jerry moved away the half step he usually let stand between them. He smiled and then sniffled.

“Thanks, Phil.”

“I was just going to s-say that to you.”

Phil wasn’t sure what Jerry was thanking him for and didn’t want to ask. The day had been exhausting, and he was ready to burrow into bed and read until he fell asleep. He was relieved when, after a moment’s pause to give him a chance to ask another question if he would, Jerry turned the conversation to food.


Don’t forget to comment with your favorite LGBTQ youth-based charity for a chance to win a copy of Strange Birds or a charm bracelet and your very own strange bird!


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