Emery C Walters

Emery C. Walters is the prominent author of nine books ranging from sexual abuse recovery to coming of age stories of gay youth. Despite the serious nature of the subjects, he fills his stories with the irrepressible humor for which he is well known. His eighth book—a completely straight children’s adventure—was published in 2014 along with his ninth, a pure, gay, piratical farce. He is now finding success in a new venue: individually published short stories. Born in Illinois, he has lived in many states from Connecticut to Arizona, to Washington. He now resides in Hawaii with his wife where he pursues writing, photography, and snorkeling. He also has an interest in pirates, wenches, and cabin boys. He received his BA in Ann Arbor, MI and took master’s degree courses in Ypsilanti, MI. Emery is no stranger to the world of sexual orientation and of gender variance. He has a gay son and a transsexual wife. He himself transitioned from female to male in 2002. His life has been full of change.