Only Fish

Fish Out of Water | Book 7.5
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Amy Lane’s Fish Out of Water universe has expanded to include garage mechanics, assassins, nurses, psychics, and adult film stars. Many of them forged a safe, hidden haven in Victoriana--the middle of the desert.

This collection of shorts revolves mostly around the Victoriana crew—the desert Fish, a group of people with specialized skills, a strong moral code, and an aversion to the rules. Join Burton, Ernie, Ace, Sonny, Jai, and George as they deal with impossible storms, visiting assassins, and—oh yeah—the in-laws, in this series of novellas that shows that being a Fish in the desert isn’t always easy, but a desert fish can always find a home.


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They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but when Lewis wakes up married after a wild, drunken night at his best friend’s bachelorette party, he’s worried he’s affected the rest of his life. Tad might be sweet, drop-dead gorgeous, and so easy to be with, but the obvious solution is a speedy divorce. The fact that they both live in New York City should make the process easy… so why is it taking them so long to sign the papers? Or even take off their rings? And why do they keep ending up in bed?

Tad’s anxiety and fear of coming out to his family has driven guys away before. Can he dare to believe Lewis is different? Lewis, his friends, and his loud, loving Italian family support Tad in a way he’s never experienced, and it’s easy to imagine a lifetime of that unconditional love. But life isn’t a romcom…

Or is it?


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Private investigator Ben Ames is supposed to be on vacation. He’s followed his rock star boyfriend, Jesse, to the Edmonton Folk Festival, where Jess is doing an acoustic set with friends and having a boozy sulk about his changing image. 

Neither is there to solve a crime, but they’re offered a case anyway when the festival headliner hires them to help his author friend Charlie.

Charlie’s latest manuscript is missing. A normal guy would have backups, but Charlie’s an internet-hating conspiracy theorist who saved his work to a laptop flash drive, and now the drive and the computer are gone. Ben thinks the case is impossible, but Jess could use a distraction, so they pay a visit to Charlie’s river-valley home—where Charlie tells them he knows who took the book, he’s not telling, and a detective can’t help. Good day. 

They’re still in Edmonton, enjoying a lazy summer day, when word comes that Charlie’s been murdered. Back on the case and without suspects or a motive, Ben knows the answers are in that missing book. He just needs to do the impossible and find it….


Liebe ist herzlos

Liebe ist... | Band 2
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Klein, aber oho – das könnte Detective Nevin Ngs Motto sein. Auch ein harter Start ins Leben hat ihn nicht davon abhalten können, jetzt beim Portland Police Bureau seine Pflicht zu erfüllen und für seine Mitmenschen da zu sein, wann immer sie ihn brauchen. Er lässt sich nichts gefallen und ist nicht an einer Beziehung interessiert. Bis er zu einem alten Herrn gerufen wird, der von Unbekannten zusammengeschlagen wurde. Und Nevin dort den reichen und etwas steifen Vermieter des Opfers kennenlernt.

Der Bauunternehmer und Immobilienmanager Colin Westwood ist mit all dem aufgewachsen, wovon Nevin nie zu träumen gewagt hätte – Geld im Überfluss und einer Familie, die ihn liebt und unterstützt. Vielleicht sogar etwas zu viel, denn Colin litt als Kind an einer schweren Krankheit und seine Familie hat immer noch nicht begriffen, dass er mittlerweile ein erwachsener Mann ist, der sich um sich selbst kümmern kann. Colin ist sehr wohl an einer Beziehung interessiert, aber bisher ist daraus nie etwas geworden. Deshalb hat er beschlossen, sich in Zukunft vielleicht mit dem zufriedenzugeben, was ihm über den Weg läuft. Weniger Erwartungen, aber dafür mehr Aufregung. Bis er Zeuge eines – oder sogar mehrerer – fürchterlichen Verbrechen wird. Darauf war er nicht vorbereitet gewesen.

Obwohl sie unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnten, fliegen die Funken, wann immer Colin und Nevin sich begegnen. Aber Funken haben keine lange Lebenserwartung, vor allem nicht angesichts der wenigen Gemeinsamkeiten zwischen den beiden Männern und der immer brutaleren Machenschaften, mit denen sie konfrontiert werden. Die Frage ist, ob sie das Herz und die Kraft haben, diese Funken dauerhaft zum Leuchten zu bringen.


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As a young gay man growing up in southwest Victoria, Nick Williams leads a charmed life. Life on the family farm gives him a sense of purpose. His supportive parents are loving and affectionate. And his best friend Aaron is always around to help him get out of trouble. But when his father dies a few days before Nick’s eighteenth birthday, it changes the course of Nick’s life.

From rural Australia to India, Nick builds a life as a successful businessman only to watch it crumble in a way he never thought possible. Running from betrayal and heartbreak, Nick returns to the land and people who know him best, but sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to be able to see what was in front of you all along.  


Be the Match

Emerald Hearts
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A senseless accident leaves Ryan Blackstone a single father. His son, Leo, survives, only for the hospital to discover he has leukemia. Ryan’s only hope to save him is a bone marrow donor.

A donor registry reveals a perfect match for Leo but unearths an unsettling family secret: Ryan’s wife’s brother isn’t  dead. Then they meet, and Ryan realizes Dylan could save him as well.

Dylan McKenzie stopped thinking about his family’s betrayal when they kicked him out twelve years ago. They would rather say he is dead than gay. So the news of his sister’s death comes as a shock. Dylan is afraid being pulled back into the family will hurt him again, but meeting Ryan and Leo upends his plan to keep his heart closed.

Ryan almost lost everything. Now he must decide if he can gamble losing his family to have everything he’s ever wanted. Together, he and Dylan could be the perfect match. 


When a tackle stopped NFL superstar Tyler Fantana’s heart, millions of fans watched their MVP die on camera. Now America’s Tightest End has headed home to put his broken pieces back together. Tyler knows returning to football could kill him, so keeping his rehab on track seems impossible—until he starts training with a familiar guy-next-door who knocks his jock off.

Josh Ayres has harbored a secret crush on Tyler since high school. Fifteen years later, Josh has blossomed from a quiet nerd into bona fide beefcake, coaching the team for his alma mater. Helping Tyler get back in the game might become the second chance he never expected… if he can work up the courage to confess his feelings to the bad boy he never stopped loving.

Sparks fly as Tyler and Josh join forces to save the school library, battling book bans, malicious gossip, and media pressure. What happens if infatuation turns into something that feels like forever? And when the NFL offers Tyler the chance to reclaim his fame, can he choose between a deadly game and the man who finally taught him that hearts can heal?



Heartward | Book Two

Second chances only happen in the movies… right?

For the past several years, Matthew’s life has been one challenge after another. Keeping his sister’s four orphaned kids fed, clothed, housed, and entertained has him run ragged. Now he’s losing the kids’ mentor and maybe his job, if the plant where he works as an electrician shuts down like the rumors say. When his car won’t start outside the hospital, it’s the last thing he needs. Matthew could use a hero… so of course that’s when Lucas Reardon shows up again.

A-list actor Lucas Reardon returned to his Michigan hometown to say goodbye to his father. The last person he expects to see is Matthew Wilson, the one who got away. Lucas helps Matthew out with the car, the kids, whatever he needs. But really, *he’s* the one who needs saving. Years of the fast-paced Hollywood life have worn him down to nothing, and a deranged stalker is making his life hell. Matthew becomes his refuge. But relationships need time to grow and bloom. With the paparazzi breathing down their necks and a deadline on Lucas’s return to LA, can they build a life worthy of the big screen?


Renowned surgeon Ben McNatt is up for the job of his dreams, and when he gets it, he’ll be the youngest chief of neurosurgery in his hospital’s history. His success rate is flawless, but his perceived lack of compassion is hurting his chances. He’s always viewed relationships as a distraction, but a loving partner might change his colleagues’ ideas about his heartlessness. He’ll do whatever it takes for this promotion—even pretend to date. The natural choice for his fake boyfriend is the cute guy at the coffee shop.

Jamie Anderson is in student loan debt up to his eyeballs. He has three roommates, and not in a quirky found-family way. He works sixty hours a week as a barista, and his boss won’t stop hitting on him. He’s even given up on love. He makes do with fantasies about the hot doctor that comes in for coffee every day like clockwork.

A fake relationship might solve Jamie’s handsy boss problem too. And there’s no way it will lead to real feelings when that’s the last thing either of them wants.
So why are they having so much trouble convincing themselves they aren’t falling for each other?


Owen Hart’s wits—and his supernatural ability to read others’ emotions—give him an edge at the poker table, but his luck runs out when he gets hauled in to explain his suspicious success to the owner of Spades Casino. Or does it?

Leo Ellis is a successful businessman and criminal who launders money for other mobsters. Owen fascinates him. Sensing there is more to the man than meets the eye, Leo offers him a job as a waiter/sex-optional escort and moves Owen in.

But things get complicated when Leo’s fascination deepens into something else, and then even more so when they fall into bed together.

Having dealt with years of drama and secrecy, Owen feels vulnerable opening up to Leo. The whirlwind romance also puts Leo into a position that he never anticipated. Their emotions are tested further when Leo's most dangerous rival kidnaps Owen to use as a bargaining chip. Will Leo and his men be able to rescue him and keep him safe? Will Leo's second-in-command ever get enough of Owen's cupcakes? With any luck, love may be in the cards at Spades.



Pour l'amour des chiens | Tome 1

Tout le monde a besoin d’être secouru un jour ou l’autre.

Le vétérinaire Mitchell Brannigan connaît des débuts difficiles avec son nouveau voisin lorsque quelqu’un appelle la mairie pour se plaindre du bruit. Mitchell dirige un refuge pour animaux abandonnés, et les chiens aboient. Mais lorsqu’il va faire la paix, il rencontre Beau Pfister et sa petite fille, Jessica… et commence à tomber amoureux.

Beau a déménagé à la campagne pour s’éloigner de son ex-mari violent, mais élever un enfant seul, sans réseau de soutien, est solitaire et épuisant. La dernière chose à laquelle il s’attend est un coup de main de la part du voisin dont il se plaignait tant.

Mitchell comprend ce que c’est de vivre dans la peur de son ex, et il est déterminé à aider Beau à aller de l’avant. Mais lorsqu’une menace invisible pèse sur le refuge et sur Beau, il devient évident qu’il n’a pas réglé ses propres démons.

Mitchell, Beau et Jessica forment une famille parfaite, avec un chihuahua protecteur pour les soutenir. Mitchell ne laissera rien leur arriver.

Mais qui va le sauver ?


Out of Sight

Second Sight | Book Three

Detective Gary Mitchell and psychic Dan Porter have a new cold case to tackle, and new leads to research in the hunt for Gary’s brother’s killer. Their life in Boston has settled into a comfortable rhythm.

But when forensic discoveries in a recent robbery gone wrong share similarities with their three-year-old cold case, all they can do is follow the evidence—and Dan’s gift—which leads them in an unexpected direction, way out of their comfort zone.

Gary and Dan find themselves in a shadowy world where they can trust no one, with unseen opponents who want them to back away from their investigation—and suddenly they’re in a race they have to win.

Because if they don’t, the consequences could be more far-reaching than they could possibly imagine.


Feu et neige

Les flics de Carlisle | Tome 4

Fisher Moreland a été chassé de sa famille, parce qu’elle ne pouvait plus faire face à ses problèmes. Fisher est bipolaire et vit au jour le jour en essayant de gérer son état, mais il n’a pas toujours le contrôle sur sa vie et s’est auto-médicamenté avec tout ce qu’il pouvait trouver.

JD Burnside a été coupé de sa famille à cause d’un scandale dans sa ville. Il s’est installé à Carlisle, mais a emporté avec lui le charme et la chaleur du Sud. Lorsqu’il aperçoit Fisher sur un banc public par une soirée d’hiver, il l’invite à se joindre à lui et à ses amis pour un repas nocturne.

Au début, Fisher ne sait pas quoi penser de JD, mais il sort peu à peu de sa coquille. Et lorsque son emploi est menacé à cause d’un incendie, le soutien et l’attention de JD dépassent tout ce qu’il aurait pu espérer. Mais lorsque des personnes de son passé réapparaissent en ville, au cœur d’une épidémie de drogue résurgente, Fisher sait qu’elles pourraient très bien saboter sa relation naissante avec JD.


The Dominion

Seven Leagues Guides | Book 1

The Pacific Northwest border town of the Dominion is soaked in magic. Full moons are a bloody spectacle, local restaurants have unicorn on the menu, and a dragon once burned down City Hall. The excitement makes the Dominion a beacon to tourists… but many of them never make it home.

Travel writer Innis Stuart and his photographer, Karsten Roth, are visiting the Dominion to explore its dangers and offer a warning to overconfident tourists. Unfortunately, they may be among that number.

Their local guide is an old friend to Innis, but he's not acting like himself. Why does he seem to be working with the biggest crime boss in town? And why did both Innis and Karsten feel such a strong compulsion to enter the Dominion in the first place?

It turns out that what they don’t know about the Dominion can hurt them, but it’s not as dangerous as what they don’t know about themselves.

Come along for a tour of the city known as “the most magical place on Earth”... and don’t forget to buy travel insurance.


Au risque d'un baiser

Un mystère signé Cole McGinnis | Book 1

Alors que Cole Kenjiro McGinnis, ancien flic et détective privé, se remet doucement de la fusillade qui lui a arraché son amant, une enquête soi-disant de routine lui est assignée. Enquêter sur le prétendu suicide du fils d’un grand homme d’affaires Coréen se révèle rapidement loin d’être trivial, surtout lorsque cela le pousse sur la route de Kim Jae-Min, le cousin si séduisant du défunt.

Le cousin de Jae-Min avait un vilain petit secret, de ceux que Cole connaît sur le bout des doigts et que Jae-Min refoule encore devant sa famille. L’enquête conduit Cole d’un quartier privé raffiné au Dirty Kiss, un misérable club où l’homme riche satisfait discrètement des besoins dont sa famille conservatrice préfère ne pas entendre parler.

L’affaire dépose Cole McGinnis tout droit entre les bras de Jae-Min. Les jours passant, la mort de son cousin ressemble de moins en moins à un suicide et les feux des projecteurs se tournent peu à peu vers Jae-Min. La violence a déjà arraché à Cole un amant. Et pour lui, il est hors de question que cela se reproduise.


The Duke's Cowboy

Cowboy Nobility | Book 1

George Lester, the Duke of Northumberland, flees familial expectations in Britain for the promise of freedom of San Francisco, looking for the chance to be himself. But before he even gets close, a blizzard forces him off the road, and he finds himself freezing half to death in a small town with no motel… with a litter of puppies to look after.

Luckily for George, he also finds Alan.

As the heir to his family’s ranch, Alan Justice knows the burden of being the oldest son. He doesn’t have time to show George, the stranger his brother dragged home, what it takes to be a cowboy. But that very night, George surprises him by helping a mare in distress through a difficult birth. Maybe the duke is made of sterner stuff than Alan thought.

George and Alan keep surprising each other, and every day they grow a little closer. But when George’s responsibilities call him home, Alan finds he’s the one who has something to prove—that he can handle what it means to be the duke’s cowboy. 


Feuer und Hagel

Carlisle Cops (Deutsch) | Buch 5

Als er seine erste Stelle als Polizist in Carlisle antrat, wusste Brock Ferguson nicht, dass sein erster Arbeitstag mit einer Reihe von Überraschungen enden würde:

Zuerst läuft ihm sein Ex-Freund Vincent Geraldini über den Weg. Dessen Verhalten bei einer routinemäßigen Verkehrskontrolle erinnert Brock schnell daran, weshalb ihre Beziehung nicht von Dauer gewesen war.

Dann findet Brock im Kofferraum einer Corvette zwei verängstigte Kinder: Es stellt sich heraus, dass Vincents Schwester die Mutter der Kinder ist.

Brocks Sorge gilt der Sicherheit der Kinder und so ist er überrascht, aber glücklich, als Vincent sofort anbietet, sich um die Kinder zu kümmern, als ihre Mutter in Gewahrsam genommen wird. Vincent ist schockiert darüber, was seine Schwester getan hat.

Um der Kinder willen begraben er und Brock das Kriegsbeil - und stellen bald fest, dass sie immer noch mehr gemeinsam haben als gedacht. Mit Hilfe der Kinder kommen sie sich näher, bis sie sich zu viert allmählich wie eine Familie fühlen. Doch Vincents Schwester und ihr Freund - ein wirklich mieser Typ - könnten alles zerstören, was sie sich aufgebaut haben.



Bonfires | Book Three

Larx and Aaron have faced a lot together—small-town prejudice, work injuries, and pregnant daughters. But finally two of their teenagers have graduated and Larx is making moves to lessen his workload in anticipation of Aaron being elected sheriff in the fall. Maybe, just maybe, they can start planning the wedding they’ve longed to have.

Then a student goes missing and Aaron’s mentor takes a bullet during the search. Larx and Aaron backburner their plans and jump into what they do best—taking care of their people.

They don’t expect to be the ones who end up in danger.

While Larx and Aaron struggle to get out of their perilous situation, their family is galvanized into action. Just like Larx and Aaron’s relationship, their rescue is going to take hard work, ingenuity, and a solid sense of humor, but the people whose lives they’ve touched are up for the job. Nobody will rest until Larx and Aaron are safe and sound—and ready to ride off into the sunset toward the beginning of the rest of their lives.