Lydia Nyx

Author of romance and erotica, urban fantasy, and horror. ~differently twisted for your pleasure~ Lydia Nyx is from Cleveland, Ohio. She's older than she looks and not as wise as she seems. Her many incredible talents include making things up, finding amazing clothes in thrift stores, and giving her opinions on things no one asked her about. Her favorite holiday is Halloween and her favorite color is black, not because she's dark and broody, but because it doesn't show the stains when she dumps things on herself. She writes romance and erotica, as well as paranormal, horror, and urban fantasy, and prefers all her fiction with a male/male twist. She currently resides in a little apartment with her teenage son and a crazy cat and spends countless hours of the day entertaining the dirty fantasies in her head. As a "day job" she works as a waitress, which gives her lots of free time to slack off and plot stories. Writing since the age of thirteen, she has always wanted to be an author and hopefully one day writing will be her only job.