Rebecca Lynne Fullan

A writer of various stripes Rebecca Lynne Fullan lives and writes in New York City. She grew up in Syracuse, New York, and then attended Bryn Mawr College and Harvard Divinity School. Because schooling may in fact be an incurable addiction, she will shortly begin a PhD program in English at the City University of New York. So far, her academic experiences have made her rich in books, friends, thoughts, debt, and homoerotic imagination, and she hopes these accumulations will continue, with the possible exception of further debt. She most enjoys writing about people, God, sex, trees, and other mysteries of love. In her spare time, she helps run an all-female theater company called Uncut Pages. Writing, study, and theater are wonderful co-conspirators in her efforts to avoid things like dishes and laundry. Thanks to the support of her family, friends, and the particular inspirations of the BMVCOE, the Pages, her Number One, and her marvelously brilliant girlfriend, she plans to keep doing all of these things and hopes you will keep enjoying the fruits of her labor.