Art Series Bundle

By Andrew Grey

Art Series Bundle
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  • Type Bundles
  • Words 260230
  • Pages 643
  • ISBN-13 978-1-63533-564-4
  • File Formats epub, mobi, pdf
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The Art Series Collection

Art and love intersect in this series by beloved author Andrew Grey.

In Legal Artistry, Dieter Krumpf is in search of the family art collection left behind when fleeing the Nazis and recruits lawyer Gerald Young to his cause; while trying to reclaim the paintings, they may just find something even more precious—love. In Artistic Appeal, Brian Watson has taken over the case, but he suspects that his good friends Gerald and Dieter have ulterior motives for inviting him to their Christmas party; when he meets deaf art restorer Nicolai, they’ll have to break down each other’s defenses to build a new relationship.

In Artistic Pursuits, FBI agent Frank Jennings and Interpol agent Leslie Carlton meet for an investigation and one night of passion, but when their case heats up again, they find their feelings getting in the way of their jobs. And in Legal Tender, when Timothy finds of cache of coins in his deceased grandfather’s possession, he sets out to solve the mystery and meets Joiner, a man determined to help Timothy on his quest.. and to steal Timothy’s heart.

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Legal Artistry previously published by Dreamspinner Press, September 2011 Artistic Appeal previously published by Dreamspinner Press, October 2011 Artistic Pursuits previously published by Dreamspinner Press, February 2012 Legal Tender previously published by Dreamspinner Press, April 2012

Cover Artist: All Cover Art by Anne Cain ; Cover Design by Mara McKennen; Bundle cover design by Paul Richmond


Genres Contemporary Romance / Gay