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Sometimes the truth hides in plain sight, invisible unless someone wants to see it. But once it’s seen, it refuses to be ignored.

When Martus and his sister Elsaben befriend Hal, a dragon, they realize what they have been taught growing up doesn’t match their experiences. The more they adventure together, and the more diverse people and magickal beings they encounter, the more they learn that life is rarely black and white. But getting others to let go of ingrained prejudices might be the toughest mission they’ll face—and they can’t fail, because each of them has a part to play in reshaping their world.


Meet the lucky men of Spinner’s Drift—a sanctuary for all who believe. Mystery, magic, and romance come in with the tide on this hidden group of islands, which shelters wizards, hedge witches, ghosts, and seemingly ordinary people with a knack for something simple and extraordinary. All sorts of magic finds haven at the Drift, including the powerful magic of love….