Ennek Trilogy

By Kim Fielding

Ennek Trilogy
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  • Words 204383
  • Pages 556
  • ISBN-13 978-1-64108-764-3
  • File Formats epub, mobi, pdf
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Prosperity comes at a price. In Praesidium, that price is freedom. Strict laws and a harsh penal code ensure ordinary criminals become bond-slaves. But the most serious traitors are turned over to the wizard to be suspended in a dreamless frozen state known as Stasis.

Miner is one such criminal, suspended forever—until Ennek, the youngest son of Praesidium’s Chief, stirred by the horror of Miner’s fate, sets him free.

Ennek has always skirted the edge of the law. Now he finds himself a fugitive, friend of a traitor. He and Miner must rely on each other if they are to overcome the challenges facing them. Though their deepening relationship offers them both support, Miner grapples with the consequences of his enslavement, while Ennek struggles to control his newfound wizard powers. Seeking balance for themselves and their world, they learn the greatest challenges sometimes come from very close to the heart.  

Contains the novels Stasis, Flux, and Equipoise.

Cover Artist: Reese Dante


Genres Fantasy / Gay