Zahra Owens's Greatest Hits

By Zahra Owens

Zahra Owens's Greatest Hits
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Don't miss these four contemporary romances from Zahra Owens: In Diplomacy, Jack and Lucas start a passionate relationship, which continues long after their partners return. Diplomatic circles are notoriously conservative though, and they each know that the right woman by their side makes a very significant contribution to their success. Will they be able to make the right choices in their professional and personal lives? Or will they need to sacrifice one for the other? In Façade, Jonas Hunter, high-class body for hire, meets his match in new client Nicky Bryant, an effeminate, tantrum-throwing, attention-seeking bad boy of Paris haute couture, everything he despises in a man. But Jonas soon learns they each carefully maintain a façade. In The Hand-me-down, Jez pays a visit to his old friend Nick, who introduces his much younger lover, Jaime... and then asks Jex to look after him when Nick is gone. And in the reader-favorite Western Clouds and Rain, Flynn doesn’t bargain for being captivated gentle, lonely Gable, who captures his heart and moves Flynn to take on an incredible burden: saving Gable’s ranch.


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Cover Artist: Paul Richmond

Genres Contemporary Romance / Gay / Western Romance