4.5 Stars for Open Case by Molly Lolly Reviews

Monday February 13, 2017

This was the best end to the series. I adored how everything is wrapped up and questions are answered and laid to rest. The suspense came to a fitting end and without any loose threads to pull later on. Plus Seth and Bryce are amazingly happy together and will be together as long as they both live. I couldn’t put the book down!

Seth comes full circle in this story. He’s so in love and can finally be happy with Bryce. But he’s also able to look back with fondness on his past. By the end of the story I couldn’t not love Seth. His emotions are so clear as I read I felt all of the ups and downs in the story with him. It’s amazing to see him blossom throughout the whole series and come a man that’s confident, and knows his own worth. I just want to give Seth a big huge hug and tell him how proud of him I am.

Bryce becomes a little neurotic but his crazy is justified. His fear of losing Seth and what they have because of Owen made my heart hurt. It was lovely seeing Bryce go all in with love and the relationship. He gave his all to Seth and his love for Seth. Oh my gosh, it made him even more sexier which I didn’t think possibly. I adored how he wanted to keep Seth safe no matter what. The protective instinct made me swoon just a little bit. But Bryce’s real strength showed when everything happened in the whole Owen ordeal. I was proud of how Bryce handled himself.

Oh man Owen was off his rocker big time! The suspense plot line with him in this book was written so well. I was on edge the whole time I was reading and wanted to know what happened next. I was surprised at how some of it played out because I didn’t expect it to go that way. However it was done well and being surprised was a good thing in this case.

I loved Bryce and Seth’s happy ending. You can tell they are at a place that’s solid and nothing is going to tear them apart. I enjoyed getting to see on page their full and complete happy ending so you know everything keeps woking for them after the Owen ordeal is over. I would love to see these two again, but you can tell their story is done. Maybe they’ll get a cameo in Kyle’s story. Which I truly want at some point because I want to see that kid make it and be happy as well.

Stars: Four and a half