4.5 Stars Review for Open House by Love Bytes Reviews

Monday October 24, 2016

I have to admit, I think I liked this book even better than the first. It was full of suspense and danger.

“Open House” picks right up where “Open Seating” left off. Bryce and Seth are back in Chicago after their United Kingdom cruise. Seth has decided to take Bryce up on his offer to stay with him. He can’t stomach spending another minute in the home that Mark took his own life in. Seth and Bryce go over to take a look at the house and see what Bryce can do to renovate it to put it on the market. Bryce discovers something he is concerned about but they have to go see Mark’s attorney before they can talk. Mark’s attorney confirms Bryce’s suspicions about the dangerous disrepair of the house. Now Seth must deal with challenging the original denial of Mark’s life insurance policy, one he had no clue about. Mark’s attorney isn’t happy to see Seth has moved on so fast but both men are drawing closer each day. When the insurance investigator turns out to be the jerk that broke Bryce’s heart and is trying to screw with him again, all hell breaks loose. “Open House” is the continuation of Bryce and Seth’s story and how they deal with the new news.

I loved watching both of these men transform even more. Bryce learning not only to trust but to open his heart to this amazing man. A man he realizes he’s rapidly falling in love with. And Seth! Watch out what you set loose when you open up the chains that have held him back! Wow! Seth has discovered the world of kink and is really getting into it, much to Bryce’s joy and desire.

I knew if I ever met Bryce’s ex that cheated on him in college I wouldn’t like him but I am totally disgusted with what a vile, reprehensible jerk he really is. Owen Lightfoot is not only a manipulative, cheating jerk but he is unhinged and dangerous too. I loved how Bryce finally came to terms with his past and put it behind him for the man he loves.

We were also introduced to several of Bryce’s good friends. From life long pal’s, Adam and Jack, two of Chicago PD’s finest who would do anything to protect their life long friend. To Lil and Grier, who not only are dear friends but also work in Bryce’s industry. They also inadvertently awakened Seth’s kinky side. I love how all four of these men are thrilled to finally see Bryce in a stable, healthy relationship and will come to help out their friend on a moments notice. I also loved that they accepted Seth so openly into their mix.

I need to warn you that this is not the end of the series. We were left with a bit of a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book to see where this goes. This book got to the “meat and potatoes” part of their story and I loved it. It still has the red hot sex that we came to expect in book one but with an edgier side plus the drama and danger of Owen really made this a page turner.

RATING: LoveBytes_4.5Hearts