C.C. Dado's Top 5 Proud Pleasures

Thursday October 25, 2018


Max, the main character in my new book "Denying Fate" is not at all shy about what he wants, so I'll share my Top 5 proud pleasures.  


1.     I love a good happy ending, and I don’t mean the 24 hr. massage parlor type, although I’m sure those are fine too (not judging). I only read stories that end in a happily ever after. Real life is already too filled with the other kind. If any of you like a good HEA, my new shifter series “A Series of Fates” are all very happy endings.

2.     Adult onesies, these rompers reduce my morning decisions in half.  It’s like the fun-genius version of Steve Jobs black mock turtleneck. Reducing decision fatigue one romper at a time. I’m currently writing a follow on to “A Series of Fates” and Max embraces the adult onesie. There’s truly nothing like a shifter in a romper.

3.     Men with messy top knots and beards, I don’t even care... they’re sexy.

4.     Silence, I love silence so much. (You always want what you can’t have.)

5.     Corned beef and cabbage (My heart is a vegan but my mouth is a vicious carnivore, I may be part shifter myself.)


What are some of your proud pleasures?