Celebration of Community: C.S. Poe, TA Moore, Rhys Ford

Celebration of Community: C.S. Poe, TA Moore, Rhys Ford
Monday May 21, 2018

OK. So, me and C.S. Poe were both in last year’s Christmas anthology (2017!) and decided to do a joint blog tour for it. We spent hours in chat working out the details. Well, it probably took an hour to work out the details, and the rest of the time was spent doing the weird Irish/Irish-American dance of making sure you’ve not stepped on anyone’s toes.

“OK, so I’ll do this?”


“Are you sure? Did you want to do it? I don’t mind!”

Rinse and repeat. It eats a lot of time.

Anyhow, so we’re sorting this out one night/morning (respectively), and I have to nip out for a minute to stick my cottage pie in the oven.

“Oh,” says Poe, “what’s that?”

I am all, you poor soul! You do not know the joy of the easiest mass-cooked food known to man (seriously, I basically live on cottage pie when the deadlines are nipping). I will admit to a certain joy in the moment because it usually runs the other way.

Me: Pho? *pokes*

Poe: It’s delicious! Try it!

Rhys Ford: It’s delicious! Try it!

Me: Key Lime taffy *pokes*

Poe: It’s delicious! Try it! (that was a lie, by the way.)

So, I’m all… “Oh, it’s beef mince, gravy, carrots, peas, and then you top it with cheesy mashed potatoes and grill it till it’s all golden brown and crispy.”

“Oh,” Poe says, “That’s a shepherd’s pie! I’ve had those.”

“No,” says me, “You make shepherd’s pie with lamb, because of the sheep.”

I swear to God, I blew her mind!

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