Clare London's Top 5 Champagne Accompaniments

Thursday December 06, 2018


My latest release is Romancing the Undercover Millionaire – it’s a lighthearted romance, with banter, sexy attraction and an interesting twist on a rich man/poor man theme. Alexandre Bonfils is the spoiled second son of a vintner dynasty, seeking to make a name for himself in the family business. His madcap scheme takes him undercover in the business’ Bristol location, where he meets Tate Somerton, a hardworking, financially struggling warehouse manager and his loving family. Alex causes all sorts of trouble at work, learning how real life works in practice! But gradually he and Tate grow close, despite their different backgrounds, and together they investigate a potential saboteur.

I hope readers enjoy it, the early reviews are enthusiastic and much appreciated!

In the book, Alex’s family business is launching a fabulous new English sparkling wine called Angels Breath. Now we can’t all drink champagne, except maybe on special occasions – and for me it’s usually the cheaper version of prosecco! But if I were being treated at one of the Bonfils events, with money no object and attentive waiting staff to look after me… what would I like to accompany my glass of sparkling champagne?


…Chocolates, preferably truffles.

…Smoked salmon and cream cheese, in those delicious little whirls.

…A boxset of thrillers and the time to read them!

…A trip in a limo around the London Christmas lights in Oxford and Regent Street.

…Cuddles. I mean, you need someone to share it with, don’t you?


So, how would you like your treat of “Champagne and…?”

Finish off the phrase with your wildest, happiest, and most delicious dreams. I may not be able to deliver that to you LOL but we'll pick a winner from those who comment, with a prize of a FREE download of any of my Dreamspinner books.