Fall In Love With The Classic Family Man--All Over Again

Sunday September 10, 2017

Dreamspinner Press is proud to publish the second edition of Family Man by Heidi Cullinan and Marie Sexton. This gay romance classic is a must read for romance fans. Dreamspinner Press asked Heidi, Marie, and readers what this book means to them.

Heidi: Family Man holds a special place in my heart because this book was created out of a sense of love and fun and what if in a way I’ve never written a book before. I remember as we drafted it we kept saying there were no rules, we could do whatever we wanted with it. We weren’t even sure if we’d finish it or if it would turn out to be something we could sell, so we approached it like it was play. I feel that spirit helped us keep the book stay something fun and safe and sparkling in a way it couldn’t have if we’d approached it any other way. Of course, there came a point we began to treat it more seriously, honing it into something more solid, but that initial exploration phase was so wonderful.


Marie: Family Man is the most autobiographical book I've ever written. That doesn't mean Trey is me. Obviously, he isn't. I didn't grow up gay or male in Chicago. I didn't have to work multiple jobs to support my aging grandmother. But everything about Trey's mother, her addiction, their relationship, and her various trips to the hospital is absolutely true. I was more honest in those pages than I've ever been. I said things I'd never managed to admit, even to myself. I told Heidi over and over again as we wrote it that we couldn’t possibly publish it. It just hit too close to home. But writing it proved to be incredibly cathartic. I dumped a lot of anger and bitterness into that book, and I felt better for it. In the end, I'm glad Heidi convinced me to publish it.


When asked, so many readers also shared why they love this gay romance classic!


Janet B shared her favorite aspects of Family Man saying: The slow heat that simmered throughout the whole story. The family that Vinnie brought with him on his journey of acceptance. The total realism of the plot and pacing of the story, this story absolutely happened as is in a neighbourhood I lived in. I believe this book opened a whole world of mm books.....and an entire genre became real because of the quality of the story told by Marie and Heidi. This book made me believe in mm fiction as a viable source of great stories.  All of the features of great literary drama fiction are present in this book. There are great family moments between Vinnie and his sister. The whole Italians brood idea, the loneliness of a family suffering addiction, the angst of failing, both personally and professionally. So many great steps in a loving relationship are shared and celebrated. This book is a personal favorite of mine, and will remain so for ever. It is timeless although it was a gatekeeper to a whole new world of words for me.