"Hot, Smart, must visit Spain soon... Love" Rainbow Book Review

Wednesday June 21, 2017

What a tasty, timely, and yet timeless tale! Timely in the broad sense, because it’s just about summer and this book is a fantastic beach read. Timely, for me, because I needed a vacation and the story took me to the sunny beaches of Spain without physical travel. Timeless, because the love between these three men - Ed, Javi, and Iker - is visceral and genuine and makes for a lovely, sparkling story that I’ll reread repeatedly. Another winner by the terrific Mickie B. Ashling!


Readers are in for a treat. Besides the tremendous visuals of San Sebastián, Spain, the backdrop for the story, the piping hot ménage à trois relationship between these distinct and attractive men, gave me goose bumps! Fully fleshed-out, Ed, Javi, and Iker are characters that are as close to real as I’ve ever met in a story. Their backstories and personalities reveal their talents, losses, and emotional makeup winningly, and allowed me to empathize. I immediately understood their attraction to each other; heck, I loved all three of them and couldn't wait to see how the story played out. Who would win; who would lose? I also adore the age-span of these guys!  Old enough to have lived and garnered some wisdom, but young enough to have lessons to learn, still. Iker a former jai alai player is the youngest at thirty-eight, the widowed Ed is a silver fox at fifty-two, and I imagined Javi, the shark- bitten championship surfer, to be about forty-nine. The sex scenes were more than hot and exotic; they were stimulating and compelling because the actions the trio engage in are age-appropriate, adding to the authenticity of the tale.


Always terrific at illuminating the history behind her subject matter in a nonintrusive manner, the author’s research for this book added another sparkling layer to this full and enriching tale.  While the particulars of modern prosthetics were eye-opening and amazing, the vivid passages about the customs and attractions of San Sebastián were stunning and filled my mind with delightful visuals.  Privy to celebratory events that captivate locals and tourists, mouthwatering delights from an area known for its yummy cuisine and eye-candy-strewn beaches, I wanted to schedule a month-long trip to Basque Country immediately. But, instead, I relaxed and allowed Ed, Javi, and Iker to take me to San Sebastián - where I experienced a smoking hot journey of taking chances and finding fulfillment. A trip well worth reading.


Thank you, Mickie B. Ashling… I’m certain I’m not alone when I say… I needed this!


"Hot, Smart, must visit Spain soon... Love"


Genre Gay / Contemporary / Menage MMM / Erotic Romance

Reviewed by Alex on 21-June-2017