KC Burn's Top 5 Favorite Sleuths

Thursday September 21, 2017

I adore mysteries, and although I’m hoping you’ll all love my geeky amateur sleuth Riley from Tea or Consequences, I thought I’d share some of my all-time favourite sleuths. 

5. William Murdoch (Murdoch Mysteries, TV, based on Maureen Jennings novels) –Murdoch is a police detective in 1890’s Toronto – super intelligent, and over time he invents almost every modern forensic advance, but it’s so cleverly built in, it manages to be as charming as Murdoch. 

4. Miss Marple (books, by Agatha Christie) – I can’t imagine a better way to spend my twilight years than solving murder mysteries. She’s the ultimate grandma, but if you get up to evil in her vicinity she’ll (figuratively) skewer you with her knitting needles. 

3. Miss Phryne Fisher (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, TV, based on Kerry Greenwood novels) – Set in Melbourne in the 1920s, Miss Fisher is a glamorous, independent woman who lives her life the way she sees fit. The mysteries are awesome but she’s such a strong female figure and tremendously engaging. 

2. Amelia Peabody (books, by Elizabeth Peters) – Amelia is a female Egyptologist in the Victorian era. She is yet another strong female figure who is a rational, logical woman who gets caught up in some spectacular mysteries involving antiquities. 

Also, LOL, I’m sensing a “historical theme” here… don’t worry, #1 will fix that.

1. Shawn & Gus (Psych, TV) – Shawn is an incredibly observant but lazy guy who uses his “powers” to solve crimes by pretending to be psychic rather than going to all the bother of becoming a police detective. Gus is his best friend, sidekick, and voice of reason. They make me laugh and they solve crimes. I am super stoked that they’re planning feature length movies.  

So… have we got any in common?