Leigh Dillon's Top 5 Horse Sports

Thursday September 06, 2018

Hello all! My name is Leigh Dillon, and my e-novella, Raising the Bar, is all about the gorgeous studs, equine and otherwise, who occupy the competitive horse world. Since the story is set in Virginia, the upper-crust arena of show jumping was a natural choice for my characters. But the world is full of other kinds of horse sports. I’m listing five of my favorites in this post, but what about you? Do you have a favorite horse sport, horse breed, or horse activity? I’d love to hear about it!

1. Model horse shows. Just like the real thing, but they take place on tabletops, the horses don’t move, and there’s no poop to shovel. Perfect for those of us who love horses but can’t afford live ones.

2. Competitive carriage driving. Whether it’s a thundering eight-horse hitch of massive draft horses in the ring or an exquisitely turned-out pony cart, driving is a joy to watch. And then there’s combined driving. Nothing like seeing a four-in-hand team drive full speed through water obstacles!

3. Rodeo! The only event that doesn’t involve horses is the bull riding. If it’s possible to have horse overload, this is the one place it’s most likely to happen.

4. Jousting. It’s not just for the Medieval Times restaurant show anymore—competitive jousting is an actual thing. For one glorious season, it was even televised! Talk about your rough sports, though—it makes football look downright tame.

5. Horse racing. The tradition, the pageantry, the outrageous Derby hats! This is the one horse sport with bona fide superstars, but even at the lower levels, the sight of the world’s fastest horses running full out still has the power to stir the soul.