Lots of News!

Lots of News!
Saturday February 24, 2018

I really should update this page more often, but I've got an excuse. I've been busy writing.

First in DSP news, we just got word Wounded Pride will be published in Italian! I am soo stoked about this. I lov seeing my books in other languages. Makes me want to buckle down and learn more.

When will I have the time tho?


The other piece of news is DSP contracted my newest book PUSH! It was indeed a monster, but such a joy to write Malakei and Seth. They are a lot of fun and I think you'll love them.

It's a rapper/rocker story, with a little angst and some hot romance. What could be better? There's also a little mystery thrown into the mix. If that doesn't grab you, I'm not sure what will!

Look for PUSH, book one to Music in Motion to come in Sept/Oct of this year.

* * * *

In Non-DSP news, I had a few self-pubbed releases.

Under the Gun 3 and Boxset

Hirah Blaze 3 and Boxset

Where There's Smoke aka Monster number one. (Over 100K y'all which is rare for me.)

These are all available on Kindle Unlimited.

Check out my website for more info!