Runner Up Best Transgender Fiction in Rainbow Reviews!

Thursday January 08, 2015

Moss's ground-breaking historical novel BELOVED PILGRIM received the singular honor of a runner-up prize by Elisa Rolle's RAINBOW REVIEWS in 2014 in the category of Best Transgender Fiction!  The novel, set in the early years of the 1100s CE, concerns the decision of a young noblewoman to live as a man, a knight, and to attend the Crusade of 1101.  After his death, she takes his armor and his name, Elias, and along with his squire Albrecht travels to the magnificent city of Constantinople.  There he meets the feisty young half-Grekk, half-Turkish woman who becomes his lover.  After months of grueling heat,. hunger, thirst and encounters with the Seljuk Turkish leader Kilij Arslan, Elas finds himself one of only about 200 of the over 6000 Crusaders who set out on the trek who even has a chance of returning to reclaim his honor and his lady love.  Faithful to the era and written by somone who knows it well, this novel posits a realistic story of how a transgender soldier can pass and participate in battle in any era.


Published by Harmony Ink Press.