Top 5 Music Moments In Movies by Amy Lane

Thursday March 23, 2017

 Amy’s Top Five Music Moments in Movies 


These are the times when the music perfectly matches the action—and together they really make the movie perfect.  I can’t promise they’re recent, or that I won’t think of another five as soon as I’m done, but here they are now:

  1. Alice jumps off the promontory in Last of the Mohicans
  2. Denzel Washington kills his nemesis in The Equalizer
  3. Any use of Mad World in any movie ever
  4. Yeah, fine—the “What could have been” montage in La La Land
  5. The scene in You’ve Got e-Mail where Meg Ryan is dancing with the memory of her mother
  6. Bonus!  The “Can’t You Hear Me Crying” scene in Dirty Dancing and the scene where Rapunzel tries to heal Eugene in Tangled.

Okay—so, there they are. Music Movie Moments—and I’ve barely scratched the surface. Let’s hear yours!  Offer them here, and Naomi will pick a winner for a free e-copy of Bonfires –or, if you’ve already pre-bought it, for any book from my backlist.