B.A. Stretke

Sarcastic, Dramatic, and Lovable, it's a lifestyle. #UberLiberal #Equality. Author publishing as B.A. Stretke - Gay Romances are my thing! B.A. Stretke began writing when a fifth grade teacher told him he couldn’t. That same stubbornness and drive led to the discovery of an actual talent. B.A. spends his days reading, engaging in sarcasm, and plotting ways to trap a rich Canadian husband so he can buy his mother a Lamborghini. He has dreams of being a schoolteacher and a novelist, as well as having a closet big enough to hold his obsessive collection of cardigans. B.A. writes to escape the mundane small town life—that same drive to write the great American novel never dying. B.A. Stretke lives in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, with two royally spoiled cats and his dear friends and family.