Gabrielle Taylor

Gabrielle Taylor is a writer and actor from Channahon, IL. She’s working on a theatre major at Joliet Junior College and is an active member of the theatre department as well as a writer on the college’s newspaper. She’s been in JJC’s productions of “She Kills Monsters” and “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” as Vera and an ensemble role, respectively. 

Known as Gabe by her friends, she’s an Aries (born April 8, 1998), and often finds that she fits the fire-sign stereotypes. Her moon sign is Virgo. Even though she admits astrology is good for nothing but fun, she loves stargazing and learning the names of constellations. When she’s not writing, she’s wandering the forest getting too excited about mushrooms and looking for inspiration. She dreams of one day being abducted by faeries. Gabe writes to try and create the kind of magic she sees in the world around her, often waxing poetic about forests and nighttime and the power of friendship. 

Gabe often includes queer characters in her writing, drawing from her own experiences as bisexual as well as from the similar experiences of her friends. She wants to continue learning about people, especially those whose experiences differ from her own, and tries to include people of all backgrounds in her stories as a result, hoping to give people who often feel unseen the types of characters they can find themselves in. She can be found on Twitter and Instagram as well as on Tumblr.