M. Caldeira

M. Caldeira is a Portuguese author who started writing even before she could read. A translation student, she truly believes that applying her personal love of writing to her work improves her literary translations. Though she plays with her synthesizer and mixing table to make what she calls music, and scribbles and lets her mind wander through sketches, it’s writing that she considers herself best at. 

Though M. Caldeira has been called many things, some of which she heavily disagrees and doesn’t identify with, she has always believed that rather than being defined by the names that she’s called, she should define herself by what she makes. Be it when translating the words of others or when writing her own, re-shaping stories is the one thing she can do no matter her mood. 

M. Caldeira distracts herself from her obligations in a show of procrastination not only by writing, drawing, and composing but also by playing video games. Her ever-expanding library isn’t anywhere close to being completed, and her backlog is so big it’d scare most people. When she’s not busy unwinding after school, she can be found on Twitter discussing games, fan communities, and stuff that catches her eye.