Gene Taylor

Hi! It's exciting to be a part of the Dreamspinner family, and I hope you'll try one of my novels or novellas published through Dreamspinner! I'm a former high school English teacher who finally decided to try my hand at creative writing after 'preaching' about it quite a few times. I discovered that all that talk about proofreading and re-writing your work is a lot more true than I even realized. Even though public school teaching has been my primary career (one of my principals used to call me 'Mean Gene the English machine'), but I've also tried my hand at collecting and then selling antiques and collectibles. I've got a booth in an antique mall right now (which I neglect more than I should because I get so involved in writing). I'm telling you this because I think it's important to focus on more than one career path. I was briefly even a short-order cook once, but I recommend other avenues to pursue. ;-)(You don't really want fries with that!)

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