George Seaton

A native of Denver, George Seaton now shares his home in the Colorado mountains with his husband, David, and Kuma, an Alaskan malamute of indomitable character. George’s love of Colorado—the land and the critters upon it—is reflected in his novels, novellas, and short stories. “I write,” he says, “because I breathe.” George Seaton lives and writes in the Colorado mountains. He shares his life with his husband, David, and their Alaskan malamute, Kuma (“Bear” in Japanese). His lifelong love of Colorado—both the magnificent land and the critters that inhabit it—is the subject matter of most of his writing. He is an Army veteran, and that experience also carries over into his storytelling. George was first published in 2009, and his novels, novellas, and short stories have all centered on the interactions of people intent on finding the best path through life, where love is usually the healing salve that makes the journey worthwhile. His stories reflect the conflicts in life that we all must overcome in our search for that place where our hearts tell us peace resides. George says he writes because he breathes.