HT Pantu

HT Pantu is from the north of England, but you're just as likely to run into her on a ski slope in Norway. Her love of writing is second only to her love of cold snowy places and her eternal embarassment when her sister "accidentally" mentioned her psudonym in the village pub. HT Pantu is from the countryside in the north of England but has lived in a lot of places because she’s not too good at staying put. In her case the stereotypes are true: she loves tea a little too much, drinks beer in the local pub, and talks about the incessant rain (or the lack of it depending on the time of year and state of the hosepipe ban). Her favorite term of endearment is Pumpkin and she doesn’t swear unless she’s really angry, because she finds it funny watching people’s reaction to her primary school cursing. She started writing at fifteen when the stories in her head got too complicated to keep track of, since then she has only stopped when publications of a less fictional nature were required of her. See the inside of her head at