Imani J. Walton

I'm a 2016 high school graduate and a dedicated tea drinker. I have had the honor of being president of my school's Writing Club my Senior year of high school and I have a serious sweet tooth. I love making people smile especially if I can do so with my writing. I self- published my first book at 15 and my second book, Second Chances, when I was 16. I come from a very creative family and my 2 younger sisters and I all play instruments. I'm extremely loud and goofy and I love messing with my dog Benjamin. My inspiration for my writing comes from my friends and peer most often. Other times, it come from my experiences and creative boredom. My favorite candy is Skittles and my favorite tea is Hibiscus tea. So if you ever want to get on my good side, sweets and tea are my absolute weakness. I hope to develop as a writer and hopefully become an author worth mentioning.