Jamie Dean

Jamie Dean first realized his passion for writing in his teens and it’s never left him. His work has been called “the perfect blend of angst, humor, and romance” and "...a nuanced portrayal of the struggle of living with a non-heterosexual identity in a modern society." Jamie Dean is passionate about food, beer, and hot men wading together through a sea of angst, sarcasm and sexy times. When he is not reading or writing gay erotic fiction from his front porch swing, he might be painting, playing with his dogs and cats, or cooking experimental meals for (or drinking beer with) Jay, his husband and muse. He loves old cars, science fiction, road trips, and spending time with family and friends. He came to terms with his sexuality only later in life, so that struggle is a frequent theme in his work. He has since embraced it with pride and considers himself an LGBT* activist, a feminist, and a champion for equal rights.