Jillian Snyder

Jillian Snyder lives outside of Rochester, NY, with her lovely wife and their herd of rescued critters, which includes a blind Chihuahua, a Pomeranian, bunnies, and a chinchilla. Jillian has a longtime love of languages, and she works with words every day in her job as an interpreter. She is fluent in American Sign Language and also has over a decade of French under her belt. She listens to all types of music, but has a special love for the music of the late Freddie Mercury. She is the epitome of a Gemini personality, and she often speaks well before she thinks. She has been a vegetarian for seventeen years and is a fan of earth-friendly and fair trade products and clothing. Her wardrobe is as eclectic as her personality, with the exception of her devotion to her growing collection of Kate Spade handbags. She is an avid reader, loves improv comedy, and movies of any genre, all of which are engaging ways to tell stories. And there’s nothing Jillian loves more than a good story.