Kasper Quill

Kasper Quill is a daydreaming Cajun with a fondness for happily-ever-after and drive-through daiquiri shacks. She is the only Cajun in Louisiana that cannot make a roux, a fact that shames her family greatly. She lives in the heart of Acadia surrounded by her interfering but loving family and managed to accidentally expand her nieces’ vocabulary to include several graphic swear words. Much to their parents’ dismay and Kasper’s amusement.

Kasper would rather spend the day surround by books rather than by people. She is still waiting on her Hogwarts letter or a Doctor in a blue box. She wants to change her name to Don’t Walk, that way she can see her name in lights.

She is a traveler, a survivor, a vintage soul, and is hopelessly undomesticated.