Katie Howe

Katie Howe is a compulsive daydreamer. When she’s not daydreaming, she’s reading. Romance has always been her genre ever since she read ‘Daddy Long Legs’ when she was eleven. Since then she’s had more favourite authors than she can count and her ‘instant buy’ list far exceeds her budget. Katie's dream environment used to be a gothic castle on a crumbling Cornish coast looking out at an angry sea. Unfortunately she spent far too much time worrying that the cliff would give a final crumble and the castle would slide into the angry sea. Then there were the practicalities of heating a gothic castle and the feeling that the local Cornish people might not like the sea to be angry all of the time. Katie is very much a practical day dreamer. So she's moved into the most beautiful spacious library with oak shelves and arched ceilings. Huge comfy chairs and coffee on tap. Every table has a box of chocolates. Katie is ensconsed in the Georgette Heyer section and she's not moving.