Katya Harris

Katya Harris is an obsessive-compulsive reader and writer who wishes that her OCD extended to cleaning as well. Apart from her family, what she loves most in the world is bringing to life the characters in her head, and then sharing their stories of lust and love with you. Katya Harris lives in the UK with her boyfriend, their daughter, and a former stray cat that conned his way into the family by being unbearably cute and is now almost as equally smug. Her mother taught her to read when she was three years old, and since then she has always wanted to be a writer. Growing up her favorite genres were science-fiction and fantasy, but now she adds paranormal romance, urban fantasy and erotic romance to the list as well. She finds both reading and writing to be her activities of choice, and can't go long without doing one or the other. She also loves watching TV shows and movies, but because she can't sit still for too long she will knit, crochet, or even hand spin her own yarn if the mood takes her, as well. We won't talk about her nail polish addiction; the less said about that the better. Writing is her best and most beloved thing though, apart from her family of course, and you can usually find her in front of her laptop, furiously typing out stories to share with you.