Malthea neither reveals her birthdate nor admits to a last name. She does bow to the necessity for a physical location, which currently goes by the name Gainesville, Florida, though once it was known as Alachua—which Malthea prefers as infinitely more melodic. It was here that she attended college, never managing—or indeed trying—to fit in with the football-centric student body that proudly performed something called the Gator Chomp at every game. It wasn’t easy being apathetic in the heart of rah-rah country or dressing in head to toe black every day when temperatures could and did reach triple digits, but Malthea credits surviving this ordeal with giving her the perseverance necessary to finish her first book. Malthea has been fascinated by vampires since she first learned of their existence and has spent many, many hours reading about them or watching them on film. She also loves Blackadder, Emma Thompson, and salted caramel lattes. She lives a few blocks from the Hippodrome and used to hang out at the Hardback Café. These days she tends to stay in and get things done…if you count making up stories as getting things done. Malthea does. And she has the unconditional love and unwavering support of a small black Manx named Lirazel and a cardboard standup of Brandon Lee as Eric Draven in The Crow. She’d like to travel to places with lower temperatures and more cloud cover.

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