Piper Doone

Ginger. Southpaw. Scottish. Photographer. Wild Hedgehog Tamer. Archer. Former gymnast. Former Disney cast member. Oh, yeah, and writer. Superpowers include the ability to nap anywhere at any time, and successfully navigating IKEA in under an hour. Will do almost anything on a dare. Strengths: napping, sarcasm Weaknesses: math, being quiet, traffic jams, and keeping this bio under 400 charac- Piper Doone hates filling out bios and makes up, like, 90% of what she puts in them. She was born on a pirate ship in the year 1723 and raised by Vikings in a small village off the coast of Liechtenstein. Her goals include taking over a small country and bribing the people who give out Oscars to retroactively award several to the cast of the 1996 comedy classic Down Periscope. She has a mad passion for mid-century and Polynesian design, New Wave music, and Hayley Mills movies. Her favorite bands are toad the wet sprocket, Queens of the Stone Age, and The Rolling Stones, but when no one's around, she's rocking Spice Girls like it's 1998. She also has a soft spot for Canadian folk god, Gordon Lightfoot. She'll try to name some obscure indie movie as her favorite, but it's really The Mummy and she'll have a crush on Brendan Fraser forever. Her TV weaknesses are Law and Order: SVU reruns and randomly finding terrible Australian and Canadian kids' shows from her childhood in the 90s. If she could eat only one type of food for the rest of her life it would be Cuban food. Her favorite books in the whole world are The Princess Bride by William Goldman and Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde. http://wehaveapiperdoone.wordpress.com/