Quinn Dressler

For years I’ve loved reading about hot young men finding love while coping with anything else life throws their way, be it dealing with discrimination, trying to solve a murder, or maybe exploring a distant planet for the first time. I first tried my hand at writing m/m fan fiction stories, but now am coming up with adventures featuring my own characters. I've always been thinking up stories. A shy kid, I conjured up new adventures for my favorite television characters while walking home from school. At first I only kept my tales to myself, then I started to share them with others through fan fiction and short stories. When I was older I got a job with a couple of local TV stations, passing on noteworthy events from my local community to viewers on the evening news, winning a Golden Mic and three Emmy’s along the way. In my spare time I learned to fly small airplanes, and traveled with friends and family around the world. No matter where I went or what I saw, I always found a spark for more stories. My cats are always there to give their support, usually by walking over the computer keyboard while I type, yet I continue to love them so very much. I’ve now left the TV news world mostly behind and divide my time by trying to shed some extra pounds, not having much luck yet there, and working to get the stories out of my head and down on paper so everyone can enjoy them. Feel free to drop me a line. I'll be happy to write you back anytime that kitty is off of the keyboard.

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