R Frank Davis

I may be THE dirty oldest man in MMRomance. Check this out:

After forty-five years of writing for himself while editing others, R Frank Davis entered the gay erotica genre, bringing a few memories and an extremely active imagination. Ask his husband (who first-reads his work); he’ll say “A ton of imagination.”

R Frank is a Black author with a romantic streak and a believer in truth, reality, and the facts of American life. A newspaper reporter, big-city-daily editor, and managing editor of a prize-winning magazine before retirement, he mixes real news into the fictional lives of his characters. To be a good reporter, one has to have knowledge in many areas. Having been a smarty-pants student, college grad with honors, and achiever of a master’s degree in business, he loves to tie what he’s learned to what he hopes readers will want in fun and intelligent ways.

While his paychecks came from relating daily events, his inspiration comes from all forms of fiction: poetry to sci fi, current literary works to American classics. He loves all music—double down on jazz and show tunes—and all movies, including cult films (Choose Me, Evil Dead, or King of Hearts, anyone?)

A life-long Midwesterner (not counting two years in the Carolinas), a proud Chicagoan, and a father of three fully functioning adults, he’s very happily married to his husband of eight years. (We were among the first gay couples to get a wedding license in Illinois, a year before Obergefell made it legal for all Americans.)

Gay romance has reached an inflection point as legal marriage, social tolerance, sexual freedom, and commercial exploitation mutate the stories of man finds man. R Frank Davis is excited by the challenge to tell the tales of these changes and entertain readers along the way.