RK Staunton

RK Staunton rebelled against having a Christmas birthday in favor of making an unexpected debut in early fall instead, and she’s been doing the unexpected ever since. This tendency has resulted in many adventures, including a ten-year stint as a guide in that strange urban jungle called middle school. While entertaining, that expedition ultimately proved too harrowing. After finally making her escape, she turned to a quieter life masquerading as a crazy cat lady living in a small town in the southeastern US.

RK has lived with a menagerie of characters inside her head for as long as she can remember. In a desperate bid to preserve her sanity, she has begun to transcribe the tales they tell her. This endeavor has proven to be fun, occasionally profitable, and cheaper than therapy. It has also fueled raging addictions to caffeine and chocolate on top of her lifelong addiction to books, but everyone is entitled to a vice or three, right?


On the rare occasions when the characters release RK from her duties as scribe, she enjoys chasing dragonflies and volunteering with orphan care charities. RK considers the Internet her second home. She can often be hanging out there at one of her many favorite haunts.