Robyn Walker

Robyn Walker seems intent on proving a palm reader’s prediction of “living seven lifetimes in one life” correct. She is getting a little worried that she has only one life left, having worked as a furniture consultant, a cultural studies academic, a researcher for quiz books, a television extra, and a political candidate—as well as a writer. Until she was eleven years of age, she could be found riding bikes or building tree-forts in Port Augusta, South Australia (pop. 15,000), before being shipped off Harry Potter-style to a boarding school in The Big Smoke City of Adelaide (pop. 1.2 million). Itchy feet found her living for a year in Berlin, Germany (pop. 3.4 million), but she stopped back in Adelaide for a decade to collect her British-born soulmate, and then follow them, in the tradition of all good Anglophiles, to London, England (pop. 8.17 million), where she still resides. Despite seventeen years together and still using terms like “soulmate,” she strongly denies that there’s a romantic bone in her body. The stack of reading material that travelled around the world with her begs to differ.