Rose Masters

Rose Masters is a full-time advocate and teacher for those living with mental health conditions. She does presentations in schools, businesses, and generally wherever people are open to learning more about mental health. She also teaches an eight-week course about mental health and how to cope.

Writing, for her, is a means of stress reduction and self-expression. Writing is simply fun. Rose wants every character in every story to be relatable and every relationship to be fun to watch. Rose started her writing journey with poetry and Teen Wolf fan fiction. She graduated on to creating her own characters

As someone who lives with a mental health condition, Rose has always found comfort in books and movies. Being a part of that is so important to her. She wants to encourage other people who struggle like she has to feel like they are capable of reaching personal goals, as she has by writing.

Through hard work and lots of support, Rose has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in social work. Bringing joy and comfort to others is extremely important to Rose, and she hopes that she can spread some joy with the stories she has written.