Sebastian Black

Sebastian Black is the pen name Josh Steven Dunne uses for his mature fiction. He grew up in southern England, and when not climbing trees in the woods or leveling his magic skill in Runescape, he had his head stuck in a variety of books—from Rowling and Tolkien to E. L. James and Stephenie Meyer, there are few genres Black doesn’t enjoy. Sci-Fi and Fantasy are top picks, but they can’t be without romance. Strong heroes and compelling heroines make fiction come alive, and “balls to the walls” is his all-time favorite quote. The Dirty Desires Trilogy he self-published on Amazon is an example.

He firmly believes that anything worth doing should be tackled fearlessly. Inspiration comes from the most unlikely places, and Black’s works often begin from writing prompts stumbled across on social media. From there, it’s furiously typing nonsensical notes on his phone and piecing them together. It’s important to take baby steps when pursuing any creative outlet—and writing is no different. You can’t do anything with a blank page. 

Impatient to a fault, Black is thankful his hectic “pantse”’ approach is lovingly supported by his conversely meticulous partner, and he can count on his particularly handsy Labrador, Bella, to be the perfect companion for late-night horror films. 

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