Skylar Jaye

Skylar Jaye started her foray in M/M when she was thirteen and tumbled headfirst in the dubious world of yaoi anime. Luckily, she’s grown a bit since then and finds her enjoyment in often more mature, if not more realistic, portrayals of gay love.

As a writer and a person, Skylar is eccentric, eclectic, and excitable. She isn’t content with just contemporary, spreading her wings to historical fantasy or blasting off to science fiction just as often. Her characters are wide ranging and come from as many different backgrounds as she can think of—giving credence to her passion of psychology. Equally so, her world-building and made up societies often come from her passion for anthropology and sociology.

Writing gay romance is just one of the strange things she does. She grew up as a knight’s daughter in medieval recreation, which included wacky friends, feudal politics, medieval history buffs, equestrian games, and sometimes even D&D. Then in high school and college, she took her geek-status to new heights with muggle quidditch, cosplaying, and much more.

In the end, Skylar’s weird hobbies and strange childhood come out in her writing—where her love of hierarchy see new light in the form of loving BDSM and her geeky nature finds its way into her novels in the forms of superheroes, shapeshifters, and magic-users of varying types.

Skylar Jaye is but one of her pseudonyms for writing, but it’s currently her most successful. She hopes to continue writing gay romance of all varieties as Skylar for many years to come.