T. Neilson

Tam MacNeil writes non fiction and weird fantasy, as well as flirty contemporary m/m romance books under the name T Neilson. Those things might sound incompatible, but they go together like an apple and some good, sharp cheese.

Tam grew up in the middle of nowhere, listening to fairy stories in grandma's kitchen, stealing her big sister's books, and making up her own stories, too. These days she makes her living as a writer, but she's been a consultant, a government employee, and a professional coffee taster. She's also proud to be a Viable Paradise alum, an Aurora Award nominee, and a member of the RWA.

These days, she writes (and reads) a pile of romance, and is finishing a romance trilogy this August, before starting in on her newest folkloric fantasy endeavour. As a general rule, she loves to see her heroes suffer, sure, who doesn't? But she also loves to make sure it'll all pan out. After all, everybody deserves to get their happy ending.