Tessa Cárdenas

The most interesting part of a story is the life after the ever after. Tessa Cárdenas was born and raised in small town Texas, but she left on a greyhound the day she graduated high school. Tessa studied ballet for nine years before running away to join the circus where she took her skills into the air on the Spanish web and double trapeze. Since graduating from Florida State University, she has lived in San Francisco and Washington D.C. She had an affair with New York City, but it would never commit, so she accepted a proposal from Chicago. At this point, it’s possible she’s not really from anywhere anymore. In the free time she pretends to have between her day job and writing, Tessa volunteers for multiple LGBTQA organizations, studies pole dancing, and tries to get other lesbians to go out with her. Tessa can be found misbehaving on Twitter when she’s supposed to be writing.

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