T.J. Masters

T.J. Masters lives in Hertfordshire, England with his husband of forty-two years, and he enjoys the love and support of his large Irish family who live nearby. In 2009, T.J. took early retirement from a thirty-three-year teaching career and retrained as a life coach. While coaching a couple of would-be authors, he was inspired to give his own writing  its chance.

With a life-long passion for books and learning, T.J. knew that he had stories to tell, books to write, and less than half a lifetime left to do it in. His books are firmly grounded in the lived personal experience of a sixty-eight year old gay man who believes that life should never be something that just happens to you. A broad set of interests and a love of people in all their variety are reflected in the settings of T.J’s stories and the fascinating characters who inhabit them.

Aside from being an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction, he enjoys gardening, cooking, traveling, science, art, music, and history. T.J. is active in both charitable and not-for-profit organisations in the LGBTQ+ community.

Social media gives T.J. an outlet for his inner geek and he can be found on Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), Threads, and YouTube, where he loves to interact with his many readers and followers.