V.M Waitt

There is nothing like putting real, flawed characters into difficult and conflicting situations and exploring all the possible outcomes of their journey. V.M Waitt discovered her love for writing as a child, spending many hours writing countless stories about horses, her first love, some of which were published in an equine magazine. Her creative side fostered in college as a film major, but it was writing that drove her to further explore the plots in her head. Before braving the world of original fiction, she wrote fan fiction and found her niche writing erotic m/m stories containing conflict, angst, flawed characters, difficult topics, and challenging situations, often provoking emotional responses from her readers. Having just sent the last of her children to college, she currently lives with her husband on the seacoast of New Hampshire. Enjoying the new quietness of an empty nest, she enjoys walking her dog, reading, and spending time with her best friend.