Z. Allora

Z. Allora didn’t always believe in romance, although before giving up on happily ever afters completely, Z. took out a personal ad in a college newspaper. On October 20, 1987, at 5:08 p.m., Z. found what they didn’t think existed—their other half. Five years later, Z. married their best friend and true love. 

A bit of an overachiever, Z.’s earned three bachelor’s degrees (psychology, English, and philosophy) and a master’s degree in psychology. Z. loved enhancing the quality of life of people in their residential and day programs, but their love’s job swept Z. to live in Singapore, Israel, and China. Much of Z.’s adult life has been spent traveling. So far Z. has played in thirty-four countries and can’t wait to add to the list. 

Z. believes each of us is wonderfully unique and deserving of a happily ever after. Regardless where we are on the infinite spectrum of gender identity or orientation, our differences and similarities should be both respected and celebrated. 

Identifying as nonbinary of the transmasculine variety, Z.’s pronouns are they/them, though based on current gender constructs, Z. presents as female looking much of the time. 

One of the biggest goals of Z.’s writing is to validate everyone’s individual uniqueness. There’s an infinite spectrum within each stripe of the rainbow and Z. wants to explore them all. 

Z. will never apologize for having too much yaoified smexy goodness in their books. Z. teases that plot is simply the words between the sex scenes (though that’s a bit of an exaggeration). Sex is one of our most important and basic forms of communication, and Z. feels it’s a vital part of understanding her characters. 

Z. Allora truly believes this rainbow romance is changing hearts and minds and will continue to speak out for love for all of us.